The fabulous Battle of Flowers of Ventimiglia | June, 15th and 16th

On Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June, 50th edition of the traditional Battle of Flowers will be held in Ventimiglia (Liguria Region).

In the early 20th century, the Festival of Flowers used to take place to pay homage to Spring and the awakening of nature with papier-mâché floats and floral decorations

This year, the awesome Battle of Flowers will celebrate its 50th anniversary and all celebrations will begin on Saturday 15th June, when there will be the parade of “No Ducati…No Party” Moto Club at 9 pm and then the night parade of the floats covered with flowers, folkloristic bands and animation on the waterfront from 9.30 pm on.

Then, visitors will have the chance to enjoy fireworks and the famous “Notte Bianca in fiore” (a sleepless night) with many band performances in the clubs and bars of the town Marina S. Giuseppe and on the waterfront.

On Sunday 16th June at 10 am, you will attend a motorbike parade in the Ducati circuit set up on this occasion with the exposition of vintage motorbikes.

Still on Sunday, at 3 pm, you will finally attend 50th edition of the beautiful Battle of Flowers, the float parade with many folkloristic bands who will parade along the following itinerary: via Repubblica, via Vittorio Veneto, via Chiappori and via Roma.

In the end, the award ceremony for the best floats will be held at 9.15 pm and at 10 pm you will attend a great performance by the magnificent voices of the “Family Band Gospel Choir” at Resentello.

So, before summer comes, enjoy this beautiful festival with us in Liguria! A coloured and scented festival dedicated to flowers, music and Spring waits for you in Ventimiglia, just by the sea!

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