June, 24th: the Final of the Traditional Florentine Soccer

Here it is one of the most ancient traditions of Florence: Florentine Soccer, which, as every year, gathers in the city thousands visitors and spectators from al lover the world.

The whole city of Florence loves this great event and everybody is going to root for his favourite team!

This yearly old tournament involves 4 historical districts of the city: “Bianchi” (White) of Santo Spirito, “Azzurri” (Blue) of Santa Croce, “Rossi” (Red) of Santa Maria Novella and “Verdi (Green) of San Giovanni. The bet at stake is a Chianina-race white heifer.

The first two matches have been already played on June, 15th and 16th (Rossi vs Bianchi and Verdi vs Azzurri) and now we’re all waiting for the final, which will take place on June, 24th, Florence’s Patron Saint.

All matches last 50 minutes and each team has 27 players wearing 16th-century period costumes. They play on a sand ground divided into 2 parts by a white line and on each side of the playing field there’s a net in which players have to put the ball.

Here below you find the programme of 24th June:

3.30 pm – The historical parade of Florentine Republic made up of 550 personages and the teams of soccer players gathers in Piazza Santa Maria Novella.

4 pm – Start of the parade walking though via Tornabuoni, via Strozzi, Piazza della Repubblica, via de’ Calzaiuoli, Piazza della Signoria, via de’ Neri and finally Piazza Santa Croce.

4 pm – Florentine miladies wait for the Historical parade at Palazzo Vecchio with the Gonfalone of Florence. They dance the “Ballo della Riverenza” in Piazza della Signoria, a typical, elegant Renaissance dance.

5 pm – Performance by Flag throwers of Uffizi inside the arena of piazza Santa Croce.

5.15 pm – Line-up of the Parade of the Florentine.

5.30 pm Start of the final match.

So, we wait for you all at the final match on June, 24th, a fantastic day for the city of Florence! And you? Who are you going to roof for? Azzurri or Bianchi? :-)

See you in Florence on June, 24th to celebrate such an event with the whole city!

For further information about the traditional events in Florence and learning more about the city, please have a look at the online guide About Florence.

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