Siena’s Palio is coming! 2013 edition of the world-famous Horse Race

Summer is coming, Siena’s Palio too!

Once again, Siena is ready for welcoming thousands visitors coming from every corner of the world who come to Italy for marveling at such a great yearly event taking place in Piazza del Campo, the famous shell-shaped square in the wonderful Tuscan town.

The first appointment of the Palio, the famous, yearly horse race, is scheduled On Tuesday 2nd July, and will see the 10 contradas (districts) of the city in a hard challenge. But how old is the tradition of the Palio? Just think that the borders of each contrada date back to 1729!

As a matter of fact, it is a very ancient event, linked to the life of the local people in each its aspect and feeling, and still nowadays it includes some old rules established in 1644, the first time the Palio took place.

This year, on the occasion of 2013 edition, the districts running in the race of 2nd July will be the following: Valdimonte, Pantera, Oca, Civetta, Istrice, Lupa, Torre, Leocorno, Onda and Nicchio.

Here below you find the whole programme of the day:

7.45 am Piazza del Campo: “Messa del Fantino” (“Mass of the jockey”) celebrated in the chapel of the square;
9.00 am Piazza del Campo: “Provaccia”, the last trial;
10.30 am City Hall: assignment of the jockeys and horses;
2.30 pm in each contradas: clothing ritual of the Comparsa and blessing of the horse;
4.30 pm Palazzo del Governo, Piazza Duomo: start of the Historical parade;
5.20 pm Piazza del Campo: the parade gets to the square;
7.30 pm Piazza del Campo: start of the horse race
Celebrations after the race in the streets of the contradas belonging to the Palio’s winner.

The 2nd appointment of the Palio is scheduled for Friday 16th August, when the 7 contradas that will take part in the race will be Aquila, Bruco, Chiocciola, Lupa, Nicchio, Oca and Torre.

We wait for you in Siena, for cheering your favourite contrada!

If you wish to have more info or tips about Siena, have a look at the online travel guide About Siena!

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