Venice’s Festival of the Redeemer: a Timeless, Never-ending Tradition

One of the oldest and most traditional festivals in Venice is going to be celebrated once again in the city of love on July, 20th and 21st: the Festival of the Redeemer.

Such an event is enshrines both religion traditions and a more entertaining aspect thanks to the awesome fireworks that mark this festival.

Every year, thousands visitors gathers around the stage of St. Mark’s lagoon for marvelling at the wonderful effects of light play and colours produced by the fireworks, which stand out behind the steeples and cupolas of the city.

As tradition says, at dusk all boats, decorated with lights and coloured balloons, start to go in St Mark’s lagoon and the Channel of Giudecca. You can also enjoy a typical Venetian dinner on gondolas and look at the wonderful show of fireworks that will start at 11.30 pm until late midnight.

The origins of this event date back to 1577, when a terrible plague swept through Venice. When the epidemic abated, the city, thanking the Redeemer (Jesus) for answering its prayers, built Il Redentore church and started an yearly festival.

Side events:

Friday 19th July
At 8 pm: Music Ensemble with the soprano Roberta Andalò at Redentore Church on the island of Giudecca.

Saturday 20th July

At 7 pm: opening of the votive bridge that links the rafts to the Redentore church on the isle of Giudecca
At 11.30 pm: fireworks in St Mark’s lagoon.

Sunday 21st July

From 4 pm on: Regattas of Redentore – channel of Giudecca
At 7 pm: Holy Mass at Redentore Church on the isle of Giudecca

Further information about Venice and the most important events of the city are available on the travel guide About Venice. Check it out! ;-)

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