45th Festival of the Sea in Levanto

On July, 24th and 25th, you’re all invited to the great 45th Festival of the Sea in the lovely seaside resort Levanto, located in the province of La Spezia (Liguria Region).

The Festival of the Sea has being celebrated since 1968, in honour of the patron saint of sailors, St James the Apostle, in order to commemorate the period in which the town was found.

In the days preceding the festival, many religious liturgies are held, whereas on 24th and 25th July visitors can see historical parades, medieval games, a procession with crucifixes and the whole gulf enlightened with 10 thousand colored candles and also fabulous fireworks.

The parade takes place in the morning and in late afternoon of 24th July and crosses the historical center of the town. In the evening, traditional, medieval tournaments are held in piazza Cavour, such as fights with swords, flag wavers, tug of war.

On July, 25th, after dinner, the procession will walk through the town and get to the waterfront, at the cliff of Pietra.

That night, in the striking atmosphere created by 10 thousands floating lights, a garland is thrown into the sea in the centre of the gulf in honour of dead and lost people.

Finally, from the beach you can enjoy the beautiful and magic moment of fireworks, which will close this great event.

See you in Liguria, in the beautiful town of Levanto! Just a few steps away from the world-famous Cinque Terre!

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