“Medieval August” Festival comes back from the Past in Ventimiglia, Liguria

The “Medieval August” Festival was born in 1974 in Ventimiglia (Region of Liguria). Every year, between July and August, history turns into the protagonist of Ventimiglia and such an old and lovely town comes back to its mysterious atmosphere of the past.

The town of Ventimiglia magically gets crowded with people wearing medieval clothing, such as soldiers, ladies, knights, aristocrats and plebeians who challenge each other in competitions in the historical centre, a perfect background for such an event. Narrow street, lovely squares, narrow passages among the houses…everything brings back to the charming atmosphere of Middle Ages!

Among the most interesting events of the festival, you can’t miss the medieval dinner, taverns, performances of musicians, jugglers, fire eaters and jesters, concerts of harp and other old instruments, the medieval street market and also the culture of this town: visit all its churches and monuments!

Here are some of the events scheduled for 2013 edition:

Saturday 27th July – Meditazioni Musicali in Cattedrale
At 9 pm: flute and harpsichord live performance

Sunday 28th July – 2nd “Daniele” Competition
Lungomare Cavallotti, Oberdan, Trento Trieste
At 6 pm • Competition among the town districts called “Sestieri” with typical Ligurian fishing boats

Thursday 1st August – CAMPO DE LI GIOCHI
Piazza della Libertà
Ore 21.30 Competizione tra Sestieri in vari giochi medievali

Città Medievale
At 8 pm: historical parade in via Garibaldi

Piazza della Cattedrale
• assignment of the competition lanes for the regatta
• Show of flag throwers.

Thursday 8th August – NOTTE DI MEDIESTATE
Friday 9th August – NOTTE DELLE PERSEIDI
Città Medievale
From 9 pm to 00.30 am – Historical commemoration in the squares of the historical centre.

Saturday 10th August – NOTTE DEI MERCANTI
Città Medievale
From 6 pm on
Piazza Funtanin – Via Garibaldi – Via Piemonte
- Shows, live performances, live music
- Taverns in the historical centre
- Tasting of typical, local medieval dishes.

…and much more.

For more information about Ventimiglia in Liguria, visit our online travel guide About Liguria, you’ll find many tips about the most beautiful beaches in Liguria and much more!

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