Mushroom and Chestnut Festival in Val d’Orcia: Tasting Tuscan Autumn Delicacies

On 13th, 19th and 20th October, the traditional Mushroom and Chestnut Festival will be held in the town of Vivo d’Orcia (located in the province of Siena, Tuscany) on the Amiata Mountain.

The festival will give you the chance to taste the best specialties of the area, like the famous mushrooms of Amiata Mountain, as well as the renowned chestnuts.

At the restaurant, with heated rooms, you can enjoy many special mushroom and chestnut dishes.

At the many stalls in the streets,you will have the chance to purchase mushrooms, raw or roast chestnuts, jams and other typical products of the area.

A mycology exhibition will also be set up along a natural path and it will be possible to do historical-naturalistic excursions in the striking chestnut groves.

Here below you can read the whole program of the festival:

On Sunday 13th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October:

From 12 to 7 pm

Opening of the stalls selling vin brulé, roast chestnuts and porcino mushrooms, chestnuts and typical products. Guided tours along trekking itineraries. Historical-naturalistic itinerary with a mycology exhibition and historical commemorations. Street markets.

From 12 to 3 pm: typical lunch with porcino mushrooms in a closed and heated restaurant.

From 2 pm on: folkloristic music.

From 7 to 9 pm: typical dinner with porcino mushrooms in a closed and heated restaurant.

On Sunday 13th October

At 3 pm:
Historical-naturalistic guided excursion (€5 per person, free for children): “Seasons of Chestnut tree with a visit to the spring of Ermicciolo”. For information and booking, please call Mrs Claudia Pierguidi: 333 3420469. The excursion will start from Piazza della Fontana at 3 pm. The path is 8 km long and is easy.

On Sunday 20th October:

At 4.30 pm – Palio del Boscaiolo (typical game of the town).

Specialties of the festival:

Polenta with porcino mushrooms
“Autumn taste” Pasta
Porcino mushrooms soup
Fried porcino mushrooms
Roast porcino mushrooms
Arista with porcino mushroom and sausages
Typical cakes and products
Vin Brulé
Chestnuts and roast chestnuts
Chestnut Mousse
Tris della casa.

Many typical high-quality and delicious products are waiting for you in Vivo d’Orcia on 13th, 19th and 20th October with the hospitality of the locals.

For further information about Castiglione d’Orcia and Val d’Orcia, please have a look at the online guide About Siena.

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