Reality is more exciting than fiction: 54th Festival dei Popoli in Florence

The Festival dei Popoli Association is engaged from over 50 years in the field of human sciences and aims to promote the study of social documentation.

Born in 1959, the main activity of the Association is to organize the most important international documentary film festival in Italy.

Together with the organization of the Festival, the association carries on the activity of preservation and digitalization of its archives over the organization of training activities and workshops for film-makers and aspiring film-makers.

Synthesis of 54th edition is the sentence “Reality is more!”, an interactive slogan that wants to be interpreted and understood by everyone and captures the essence of the festival.

The festival’s program includes 7 sections:

- The international competition: a selection of 24 unpublished Italian documentaries.

- Panorama: presentation of seven representative films of 2013 production.

- Etudes sur une ville: a selection of movies with Paris as the protagonist.

- Father & son: a trip in cinema: a retrospective about two of the most representative authors of European cinema.

- Away from Utopia: a non-competitive section dedicated to the stories of different communities and ethnic groups in the world.

- Joint project with documentary director – Istanbul documentary days: selection of Turkish documentaries of recently production.

- Special events: movies dealing with current issues.

The venues of 2013 edition will be: the Odeon Cinema, the Space Alfieri, the Auditorium of Santa Apollonia, the French Institute of Florence and the Mediateca Regionale Toscana.

The cinema halls will stay open while seats last. All screenings will be preceded and followed by a debate with the film maker, at the end of the afternoon programming viewers will have to leave the hall and all screenings are forbidden for children under 18 years old.

For more information about the city of Florence you can visit our online travel guide About Florence.

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