Christmas events: Saint Ambrose Festival and Oh Bej, Oh Bej Fair In Milan

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On Saint Ambrose festival, religious and popular event, Milan citizens go to the St. Ambrose Basilica to attend the mass for the Holy Patron Saint.

On such an occasion, every year theOh Bej, Oh Bej” fair is held in Milan streets - from 6th to 8th December – in the area near Sforza Castle.

The name of the fair was born in 1510 from the cries of children for the gifts that Pope Pius IV sent them.

The gifts, full of sweets and games, served to rekindle the enthusiasm of the religious faithful in Milan.

At the fair, visitors will find hundreds stalls where scavengers, artists, craftsmen and florists change the city with their beautiful toys, books, prints, sweets, tastes and sensations.

In addition, the Milanese tradition has it that the citizens during the days of the fair will have to buy Christmas decorations, eating chestnuts from the stands and drink a good glass of mulled wine to warm up.

St Ambrose festival and fair are a perfect opportunity to visit the city and discover a folkloristic festival in Milan.

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