St Lucy Day Celebrations throughout Italy

Considered the procuress of eyes, the blind, oculists and electricians, the liturgical festival of St Lucy is celebrated on 13th December, some days before summer solstice.

St Lucy’s body, which is currently kept in the Church of San Geremia in Venice, in the past was stolen by the Byzantines in Siracusa and later was purloined by Venetians who conquered Constantinople.

St Lucy celebrations, patron saint of Siracusa, a town located in Sicily, nowadays is a recurring event that crowds many Italian squares with stalls nd stands selling sweets and typical local dishes.

In Siracusa, during a slow procession, citizens use to bring the Saint around from the cathedral to the St Lucy Church of the Sepulchre.

In Siena, you will find in the city historical centre many fairy personages who come from the imaginary world of light. Each personage is linked to a job related to the light.

In Rome, a procession takes place with a donkey carrying St Lucy who brings gifts to the children, and every year such an event offers other side events such as fireworks.

Such an event, which is celebrated throughout Italy, is not just a moment joining people, but also a chance for enjoying many interesting villages and cities!

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