Marco Bongiorni Exhibition in Milan – Rivoli 2

On January 16th, 2014, the Foundation for Contemporary Art, Rivoli2 will be inaugurated in Milan.

The foundation is an innovative exhibition area that will host the most current instances of contemporary culture.

Located in the heart of Brera, close to the small theater Strehler, Rivoli2 is a kind of workshop where research, arts and creativity will be mixed.

The space – extended up to 140 square meters on four levels – is open to young artists and curators.

The Foundation has the support of a Scientific Committee made up of  personages of Milan’s cultural and artistic world.

The exhibition of Mark Bongiorni is scheduled from January 16th to March 2nd, with the title “EPITOME / HEAD / FEAR“.

With EPITOME / HEAD / FEAR, the artist presents his research – carried out in the last four years: “With a heterogeneous and complex installations, drawings, sculptures and paintings, the unceasing practice of drawing – And in jeopardy of his runs – is at the center of his reflection, for fathom any plausible possibility. Bongiorni, by exercising, casts doubt on the mechanisms of this practice with every possible method: Notebooks, old papers, poster, planks of wood are its places of choice, where it occurs on the peculiarities of that survey sense of design.”

More information about the Exhbition.
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