Fiera di San Biagio, February 3 to 4 in the historic center of Pietrasanta

Ancient municipality in the province of Lucca, Pietrasanta is the historic capital of Versilia.

The origins of the Fiera are located in the far 400′  the show still involves thousands of people occupying the historic center with entertainment, exchange, curiosity, and many proposals.

During the Fair, the local restaurants offer the “Menu of San Biagio” proposing the best of local cuisine.

Together with traditional events, the religious meetings are held: the exposition of the relic of the Saint in the cathedral and the blessing of the throat of St. Biagio in the church of Sant’Antonio Abate.

San Biagio is so revered because numerous miracles of body healing are attributed to him and he is a martyr of the Christian Church included among the fourteen “Auxiliary Saints”.

Here the complete program of the Fair:[].


For more information about Pietrasanta, visit our online guide About Versilia.

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