The Catholic Church commemorates Saint Joseph (San Giuseppe) on the 19th March.

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Frittelle per la festa di San GiuseppeThe Benedictine monks  were the first to celebrate him in 1030. It was made compulsory in 1621 by the Pope Gregory XV until 1977, when the 19th March became a common public holiday.

In a lot of catholic countries, the Father’s Day is observed on Saint Joseph’s Day.
Saint Joseph is the archetype of the devoted father and husband and, in the popular tradition, he also protects orphans, young single women and wretched people.

The Father’s Day tipical sweets are the “frittelle” which can be tasted in a lot of carnivals or town festivals.

Here are some events for Saint Joseph’s Celebration this year:

- Saint Joseph’s Fair in Carrara:
Saint Joseph’s Fair occurs in Marina di Carrara on the 19th March; it gathers more than 200 stands offering  every type of items and gives life to the town’s seabord.

- Saint Joseph’s Fair in La Spezia:
The traditional Saint Joseph’s Fair will be organized among the Giardini Pubblici.

- Saint Joseph and Woodcutters’ Little Fair (Fierucolina di San Giuseppe e dei Legnaioli) in Florence: organized by the Associazione Fierucola on the San Spirito Square, Oltrarno, Florence.

- Contrada dell’Onda district (Dupré Street), Siena:
Traditional Saint Joseph’s Fair (Father’s Day) with fritelle and locally made toys. Fishing organized by the Società delle Donne.

- Saint Joseph’s Fair in Florence:
The famous Florentine Santa Croce square becomes animated by many stands containing various goods.

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