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Mostra da Gerusalemme a Milano12 July 2013 – 20 June 2014

There’s little time remaining to visit the Archaeological Museum of Milan which hosts this exhibition on the occasion of the famous Edict of Milan promulgation around 1700 years ago. During this historical event which took place in the Imperial Palace of Mediolanum (ancient name of Milan), by now destroyed, the emperor Constantine granted freedom of religion to every citizen of his Empire, therefore ending the persecutions of Christians  and establishing the preponderance of Christianity as a state religion.

The exhibition itinerary is suitable to all and explains in a simple but refined language the different themes around the Christian religion development during four centuries and the relationships between the growing Catholic Church and the already old Roman Empire.

In the first rooms dedicated to the antique region of Judea, the cradle of Christianity, and to its principale city, Jerusalem, you will find ancient objects discovered on Israeli archaeologial sites in the ’60s by Italian research teams.

The exhibition goes on with the relationships between Christian religion and the most famous antique philosophical schools such as Stoicism or Epicurism, their differences and their similarities. The Museum was lucky to be lend some pieces by the Rome Capitoline Museums and by private collectors to illustrate this subject.

The itinerary continues towards Egypt and its annexion by the Roman Empire. At this time, the country was a fertile place for the diffusion of Christianity as it was already a multiethnic and multicultural territory. Artefacts found on the archaeological site of Tebtynis, such as terracotta figurines and papyrus recall the ambiance of a Greco-Roman village.

Also mentioned are the mysterious cults which coexisted with the Christian religion at its beginning and disappeared later.
After this trip around the Mediterranean Sea, the exhibition takes us back to Milan and to the origins of Christianity in the second biggest city of Italy with artistic and every day life objects  and  sarcophagus decorations. Finally, you will have the opportunity to admire beautiful frescos of the 13th century reminding Milan’s patron saint, Sant’Ambrogio, and the devotion to the first Milanese martyrdoms.

From Jerusalem to Milan takes place in the 16th century crypt of the San Maurizio church which belongs to the Archaeological Museum of Milan, the perfect place for hosting such a theme.

Opening times: from Tuesday to Sunday, 09:00-17:30
Tickets: full price 2€, reduced price 1€

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