Spring in Italy

girasoliThe nice weather is coming back in Italy along with springtime! In order to enjoy these sweet days, there’s nothing better than discover or rediscover  the most beautiful Italian gardens or to organise some excursion in one of the many natural parks of the country.

We gave a look to our tour guides and found activities for you to make the most of your spring trip in Italy. Here are our suggestions.

Florence and Tuscany

If you’re in Florence you should enjoy a visit at the Giardino delle Rose (the Roses Garden) which has a wonderful panoramic view on the cathedral and its dome. In May, the place becomes tinged with the colors of all the different roses blooming.

The Giardino di Boboli, the biggest and most famous park of Florence is situated behind the Palazzo Pitti and hosts numerous fountains and statues. Based on the Italian garden style, this garden is also mentioned in Dan Brown’s famous novel, Inferno.

Outside Florence, Tuscany offers beautiful trips to do in Spring. At only 30km of the city you’ll find the valley of Mugello, a little oasis for the nature lovers where you’ll have the opportunity to do horse or bike riding, trekking or to practice water sports on the Bilancino Lake. The Mugello area is also famous for the many festivals and traditional celebrations organised by the different villages.

If you’re thinking about going around Siena, we suggest you to book a ticket for the Trenonatura, an ancient steam train which will bring you during a day to fairs and special events of the Tuscany countryside. This fascinating tour will make you discover the Val D’Orcia park where you will admire a picture-postcard landscape.

North Italy

Going North, Turin is a pleasure for the eyes seen from the Superga Hill: its Basilica and the nearby natural park are the green lung of the city. If you’re in an adventurous mood, go have fun at the Tre Querce adventure park which reopens on the 5 April. You could also consider a walk in the Stupigini Natural Park where is located the beautiful Palazzina di Caccia (the hunting residence), a building which takes you back in time.

In Milan, on the other hand, you could encourage horses during the new racing season at San Siro hippodrome and also take some time to admire Leonardo’s Horse, a beautiful statue based on Leonardo Da Vinci’s plans. Those who aren’t afraid of ghosts should take a walk at the Cimitero Monumentale (the monumental cemetery) where a lot of famous personalities lie between trees and sumptuous funerary monuments.
Afterwards, the 4th biggest historical fenced-in park waits for you in Monza, offering you peaceful strolls and, if you’re interested in Formula 1 racing, the opportunity to take a look at Monza national racetrack which hosts every year the Italian Grand Prix.

The sea and boat tours

If you like to sail, take into account the Regata dei Cetacei (the cetaceans’ regatta) occurring every year in the marine protected area named Santuario dei Cetacei (the cetaceans’ sanctuary), alongside Liguria and Tuscany’s costs in April and June. If you don’t own a boat, you can offer yourself to be part of a crew or simply watch the sailboats’ races. In the nearby Liguria you shouldn’t miss the Cinque Terre National Park where a lot of outside activities and events are organised in a pristine area. Here you can follow the coast paths by bike or by walking and visit wonderful little villages  like Riomaggiore, Vernazza and Monterosso.

To continue enjoying the sun on the Adriatic part of Italy, we suggest you to rent a houseboat in Venice, a little motor boat which driving doesn’t require a license. You could also visit the city’s numerous canals on a kayak, an alternative choice to the traditional gondola. If you really don’t want to miss a gondola tour but don’t want to spend to much, you could also cross the Canale Grande with a gondola-taxi.

Rome’s eternal splendor

Finally, Rome’s numerous parks worth a visit in Spring: the twelve-hectares-Orto Botanico (the botanical garden), the Roseto Comunale (the rose garden) or the Borghese, Celimontana and Torlonia villas are some of the numerous places where you can enjoy a moment of “dolce far niente” and celebrate the return of the beautiful season.

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