May of Monuments Festival in Naples

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image-maggio-dei-monumentiUnfortunately, they are a lot of prejudices in Italy and Europe against Naples and its inhabitants which is often mentioned in the news as a violent and dirty city, house of a powerful mob.

Who has never walked through the streets of Naples shouldn’t stop to these preconceptions and try to discover the wonders of this thousand-year old city.

The May of Monuments Festival offers the opportunity to discover true treasures safeguarded there. The festival reaches this year its 20th edition with the theme “Neapolitan stories and legends” taken from a book by the philosopher and writer Benedetto Croce who Naples was the adoptive city.

This year, the festival coincides with the Universal Forum of Cultures, an event patronized by the UNESCO, and it contributes to one of the principal themes of the Forum: knowledge. During this month, guided tours, events, performances, shows, concerts, exhibitions and seminars are organized in order to let tourists and even Neapolitans discover the treasures of this splendid city.

They are numerous tours planned by associations and professionals. You could for example follow one of the 8 itineraries inspired by Benedetto Croce’s work along with a guide and lose yourself in the hidden beauty of Naples each weekend. Some Neapolitan school pupils take part in the “School adopts a monument” project which also guides you to visit many monuments during multilingual tours.

For the underground passengers, the event MetroArt Maggio offers guided tours in each station transformed for the occasion in true contemporary works of art by more artists.

It will be difficult to choose between the profusion of exhibitions. Maybe you’ll want to check what’s going on at EcoLogicaMente, an event dedicated to green economy and environmentalism. Or you may prefer to visit “The hidden masterpieces of the San Gennaro treasure” where the most beautiful silver pieces dedicated to Naples Patron Saint are displayed.

Don’t miss Andy Warhol at the Palazzo delle Arti where 150 pieces of the New-York artist are gathered. The exhibition focuses on his link with Naples and the Vesuvio.

There will also be a lot of musical events like classical music concerts, gospel, multi-ethnic music, typical Neapolitan songs and a Peter and the Wolf concert. You will also admire numerous theatre and dance events like the show “Danzando sotto le stelle” (Dancing under the starts) organized by the school Il Corpo in Movimento, the comedy “Naples’ Gold” adapted from the Vittorio de Sica movie or the “Gran Ballo A Corte”, the re-enactment of a 1700-romantic-period ball in historical clothing.

Finally, for those feeling in a poetic mood, we suggest the “Veduta Leopardi”, an homage to Giacomo Leopardi with reading of some of his poetic works in the Neapolitan places where the writer stayed until he died.

We can conclude saying that the “Maggio dei Monumenti” festival shows better than words that the Partenopean city has a lot to offer to who takes the opportunity. We hope we convinced you of the beauty of this city and invite you to Naples in May!

1 May – 1 June 2014
You can download the program of the festival on the official Festival website.

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