The Orient Festival and Il Mondo Che Vorrei in Rome

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Festival-dellOriente-RomaEuropeans have always been fascinated by the Orient, a far-away, mysterious and magic part of the world to our eyes. If you’re in Rome at the end of May, you’ll finally have the opportunity to satisfy your curiosity with the oncoming Orient Festival which is the biggest world festival on this theme with its 40.000 square meters area.

In the same time in Fiera Roma will occur the fair “Il Mondo Che Vorrei” (The World I’d like). The two events are connected, that’s why you’ll be able to enter both with the same ticket.

The Orient Festival is dedicated to cultures and traditions of the numerous countries attending, among them China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, India or Thailand. The programme is really complete with events of every kind like dance, music and martial arts performances, traditional ceremonies, exhibitions, workshops, food and drink tasting, display of bio natural disciplines or meditation and, obviously, many markets so you can bring typical artisan products at home.

You may, for example, admire the striking Chinese dance of the dragon and of the lions, a typical tradition of New Year celebrations, see the extraordinary costumes of the Persian, Bengali, Indonesian or Burmese dancers, watch Tibetan monks build a mandala, attend Japanese ceremony of tea or of the kimono dressing, learn the art of calligraphy, relax with meditation or yoga, participate to origami or sushi classes, and the list has no end…

The event Il Mondo Che Vorrei promotes a green revolution, that’s why it focuses on health and well-being with alternative medicines (homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic), alternative therapies (energy medicine, food therapy) and bio natural disciplines (shiatsu, reflexology) and many massages techniques that you may discover during conferences, workshops and sessions.

This green philosophy is becoming always more important in our daily life and this sector also includes natural cosmetics and clothes, organic production, sustainable tourism, fair trade products and non-profit.

The expositors and the participants will teach you, during numerous workshops, to recognise the fruits and vegetables’ ripening period, to eat vegan, to plant trees, to identify herbs, to produce bread, butter or yoghurt after antic techniques…

Inside the area “Voglio vivere così” (That’s how I want to live), you’ll meet people who gave up on the frenetic city life in order to enjoy nature, or other who experienced ecovillages or cohousing to favour social relations. Fair trade companies will also attend the event and will sell handcrafted products made in developing countries and will teach you about the trade more respectful of man and nature.

The sustainable tourism branch is constantly growing, that’s why you’ll find independent travel agencies which will suggest you immaculate places and itineraries. Finally, volunteering associations will present their initiatives and projects to create a better world.

Don’t hesitate and let you charm by these beautiful events in Fiera Roma!

For more information, visit the official website of the Orient Festival and Il Mondo che Vorrei.
30 and 31 May, 1 and 2 June from 10:00 to 23:00

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