14th Biennale of Architecture in Venice

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Biennale-VeneziaThe Biennale is probably the most famous event occurring in Venice. As always, the attention of professionals and aficionados will point towards the old Maritime Republic for the 14th Biennale of Architecture taking place at the Arsenal and in the Biennale Gardens for 6 months, from the 7 June to the 23 November.

There will also be the Biennales of Contemporary dancing, Music and Cinema at the same time. They have been integrated this year to the Architecture Exhibition, named “Fundamentals”, on the wish of Rem Koolhaas, the Dutch director of the event.

As usually, countries of the whole world will be participating, 66 in this case, each with its own pavilion and with 10 of them attending for the first time the Biennale. This year, the national pavilions will be involved in the theme chosen by Koolhaas, “Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014”, which is an innovation.

The purpose was to focus on the history of architecture to understand how the national features have gradually been erased to mix up in one international modernity and it should also help to imagine the future of this discipline.

The two other events of the Exhibition are “Elements of Architecture” and “Monditalia”. The first one, situated in the Central Pavilion, focuses and the evolution of architecture by gathering its main elements used everywhere in the world, at every period: the floor, the wall, the ceiling, the roof, the door, the window, the façade, the balcony, the corridor, the fireplace, the toilet, the stair, the escalator, the elevator, the ramp…

Monditalia” will, on the other hand, concentrate on Italy, to remind its complexity through 41 installations crossing the country from North to South. The other branches of the Biennale will be involved in this area with exhibitions and theatre or dancing performances to represent the country.

There will also be numerous side events, among those:
-the exhibitions “Adaptation” which shows how the Chinese architects adapt to the rules established by their country and to the lack of money;
-“M9 / Transforming the City” will explain the important restoration project for the 9200 sqm of the Mestre centre;
-“Young Architects in Africa”, will present the projects of young African artists and the growing importance of this continent in the architecture sphere.

Finally, the project “Educational” is dedicated to students, children, families, professionals, companies and universities. The visitors will be involved with guided itineraries and workshop activities. Focus tours and theme-based visits will allow the architecture experts and novices to discover the wonders of this international Exhibition.

We hope we convinced you to let you charm by Venice and the Biennale!

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For more information on the Biennale, visit the official website.

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