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The most interesting and curious events to discover and to see throughout Italy!


The “Infiorata di Noto” in Sicily

infiorata-di-notoThe city of Noto (or Nuoto in Sicilian dialect), in the province of Syracuse, is a treasure of Sicily. It’s in fact called “the Baroque Capital” because of its beautiful monuments: the Basilica di San Nicolò and other numerous churches; its public and private palaces like the Palazzo Ducezio or the Palazzo Nicolaci and many others. The city centre of Noto recently earned the title of UNESCO world heritage site thanks to its “stone garden”.

Each year, on the third Sunday of May, the city gets coloured by flowers during the Infiorata di Noto. This event takes place Friday 16, Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 but they are many other shows organised before and after the Infiorata, from April until June.


The traditional Festa dei Ceri in Gubbio the 15 May

Festa-dei-ceriThey are so many ancient traditional holidays in Italy, especially in Spring and Summer. One of the most famous is the Festa dei Ceri in Gubbio, a town of Umbria. This catholic celebration takes place every year on the 15 May to honour the city’s patron saint, Sant’Ubaldo Baldassini, and dates back to Middle-Age.

Ceremonies occur all the day but the most important and impressive moment is the “Corsa dei Ceri” (the Ceri’s race). The “cero” is a four-meter sculpted wood pillar standing on a H-shaped wood board which can be carried by people on their shoulder. Each structure weighs almost 300kg. They are three “ceri” and a little statue of a Saint is fixed on the top of each one: Sant’Ubaldo, San Giorgio and Sant’Antonio.


13th Venice International Boat Show

nave-salone-nauticoTrade, handicraft, buildings and food… During centuries, the antic Maritime Republic of Venice was grounded on the sea and drew all its wealth from it. This profound relationship is nowadays brought to light by events like the 13th Venice International Boat Show.

For every person passionate by boats, for those wanting to purchase or simply to admire and dream, here is an unavoidable meeting occurring every year at the beginning of April and which is the only event of its kind on the whole Adriatic Sea.

Taking some distance with the preconceived idea that boats are reserved to rich people, this Show  prefers to focus on the little and medium sailing equipment. Numerous companies specialized in boating and water sports will display around 160 crafts on water or dry land, without forgetting the bigger ships (longer than 10m) which will have their dedicated space.


The Catholic Church commemorates Saint Joseph (San Giuseppe) on the 19th March.

Frittelle per la festa di San GiuseppeThe Benedictine monks  were the first to celebrate him in 1030. It was made compulsory in 1621 by the Pope Gregory XV until 1977, when the 19th March became a common public holiday.

In a lot of catholic countries, the Father’s Day is observed on Saint Joseph’s Day.
Saint Joseph is the archetype of the devoted father and husband and, in the popular tradition, he also protects orphans, young single women and wretched people.

The Father’s Day tipical sweets are the “frittelle” which can be tasted in a lot of carnivals or town festivals.

Here are some events for Saint Joseph’s Celebration this year:

- Saint Joseph’s Fair in Carrara:
Saint Joseph’s Fair occurs in Marina di Carrara on the 19th March; it gathers more than 200 stands offering  every type of items and gives life to the town’s seabord.

- Saint Joseph’s Fair in La Spezia:
The traditional Saint Joseph’s Fair will be organized among the Giardini Pubblici.

- Saint Joseph and Woodcutters’ Little Fair (Fierucolina di San Giuseppe e dei Legnaioli) in Florence: organized by the Associazione Fierucola on the San Spirito Square, Oltrarno, Florence.

- Contrada dell’Onda district (Dupré Street), Siena:
Traditional Saint Joseph’s Fair (Father’s Day) with fritelle and locally made toys. Fishing organized by the Società delle Donne.

- Saint Joseph’s Fair in Florence:
The famous Florentine Santa Croce square becomes animated by many stands containing various goods.

BiciLive Expo 2014! From February 21 to 23 at the Fiera di Roma

After the great success of the 2nd edition of BiciLive Expo, the great bike fair taking place in Rome, with over 20 thousand visitors, the organizers have decided to raise the bet and extend the bike range.

Many renowned foreign and Italian companies of the sector are expected to take part in the event and they will put on display the best proposals for 2014.

The big numbers of previous editions made the organizers realize that the idea of an Expo entirely dedicated to the pedal is strongly supported in the center and South area of Italy.

For this reason, the 2014 bike fair will be enriched and have more space in order to showcase many products and offer many activities and events for children and adults to bring a real bicycle culture.

The appointment is scheduled for 21st, 22nd and 23rd February at the Fiera di Roma with an admission charge of €10,00.

See you in the Italian capital then!

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