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The most interesting and curious events to discover and to see throughout Italy!

Sanremo 2014! the 64th edition from February 18 to 22

Also this year the 64th edition of the Italian Song Festival of Sanremo will take place at the Ariston Theatre from February 18 to 22.

The Festival will be presented for the second year by Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto.

On stage will take turns grate names as Gino Paoli, Laetitia Casta and Raffaella Carra.

There are also ongoing talks to have as guest Paolo Nutini, and Enrico Brignano.

Here the program of the five nights at the Ariston Theatre:

- Tuesday, February 18: beginning of the 64th edition of the Festival. Will be heard the first 7 “Big” and will be presented the 8 “young” for the category “New Proposals“.

- Wednesday, February 19: during the second night will perform the remaining 7 “Big” and we will listen to the 4 songs from
the “New Proposals“.

- Thursday, February 20: the 14 “Big” will perform accompanied by a customer and at the end of the night will be stipuleted
a ranking.

- Friday, February 21: the artists will perform classic italian songs and will be declared the winner of the category

- Saturday, February 22: during the final night of the Festival, we will hear the 14 songs and will be declared the winner
of the 64th edition of the Sanremo Festival.


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The Carnival of Viareggio! From 16 to 23 February and 1-4-8 March

The idea to celebrate the Carnival of Viareggio bloom in 1873, when the first parade of decorated carriages born in the historic Via Regia, in the heart of the old city.

In 1930, the painter and graphic futurist Umberto Bonetti designed the mask that is still the symbol of the carnival, the Burlamacco.

After the Second World War, the carnival was revived and was chosen as the first external live event from the RAI.

Today, on Mardi Gras, the carnival returns as protagonist on the national tv “RaiTre” with its annual parade of allegorical floats.


The venetian carnival on stage from February 15 to March 4

The main theme of this edition, the heritage of fantasy and fairy-tale as a narrative metaphor of life.

For the Venetian Carnival of this year, we will try the masking inspired to: tales of historic European tradition, Arab and Middle Eastern tales, votive symbols of African cultures and allegories of Mesoamerican Indian, Mongolian and ancient Cathay.

The carnival event, which will take place from February 15 to March 4, will have a full and very interesting program, inspired by the theme of 2014.

Fiera di San Biagio, February 3 to 4 in the historic center of Pietrasanta

Ancient municipality in the province of Lucca, Pietrasanta is the historic capital of Versilia.

The origins of the Fiera are located in the far 400′  the show still involves thousands of people occupying the historic center with entertainment, exchange, curiosity, and many proposals.

During the Fair, the local restaurants offer the “Menu of San Biagio” proposing the best of local cuisine.

Milan: Franco Grignani And His “Optical Mental Alterations”

From January 23 to March 15, it will be possible to visit the exhibition dedicated to Franco Grignani at Gruppo Credito Valtellinese Galley in Milan.

The objective of Manuela Grignani, Leo War and Cristina Quadrio Curzio, curators of the exhibition, is to return to the complexity of the artist.

Born in 1908 in Pieve Porto Morone, he attended architecture in Turin where he is influenced by the second Futurism.

He Began to experiment and create his first works combining theories of perception and psychology of form.

Thanks to the Milan printing Alfieri & Lacroix, he sought new forms of typography and creates optical systems that affected and influenced the European colleagues.

Later he became art director of “Beauty of Italy”, press organ of Dompè, the pharmaceutical company that engaged him in the packaging of products.

He continued his project of urban representation in order to overcome the physiological limits.

These works brought international recognition to the artist as the Palme d’Or for advertising in 1959 and the gold medal to the Triennale in Milan.

A beautiful exhibition curated in every detail and an unmissable opportunity to see the works of the Master Franco Grignani.

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