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The Elba Island is the jewel in Tuscany crown, with its amazing sea and green vegetation. Discover Elba and find your ideal accommodation with us!

Elba Island, Italy: a man-sized Paradise

It actually doesn’t take all that much travel to truly get away from it all. Those who are planning a European vacation but who want to escape the crowds and experience something more authentic should definitely consider Tuscany rather than southern Italy.

After all, just miles away from some of the most popular tourist attractions in the world is an island that has managed to remain a true relic of the past. And unlike other coastal attractions in Italy, or Spain’s most famous islands which see millions of visitors and gigantic jumbo jets, Elba is not your typical European summer vacation resort.

The biggest encouraging factor for those who are truly dying for a vacation unlike any others is the fact that, to the masses, Elba Island is not yet a buzzword. It has not been written up countless times in major publications States-side and beyond as the next rustic hideaway, and the property value has not even skyrocketed yet as other Europeans try to figure out if it is the next hot vacation spot or not.

While Elba Island hotels are nice and accommodating,

Holidays at the Elba island: sun, sea and culture!

Elba is the biggest and the most famous among the islands of the Archipelago of Tuscany. Dominated by the Mount Capanne, 1.018 mt. above sea level and called “roof of the Archipelago”,the Elba island was well known even in the past due to its beauty. It is for this reason as well that, between I° and II° century AD, luxurious noble villas were built there. Some rich – and gourmant, we add – Romans choose the isle for their otium.

Today, two thousand years away, it seems that history repeats.

In fact, the Elba island is the destination of many tourists who go there for enjoying its nature and blue waters.

You can find several Hotels spread all over the isle: Portoferraio, Porto Azzurro, Marina di Campo, Marciana, Marciana Marina, Capoliveri, Lacona, Rio Marina and Procchio, as well as last minute and holiday offers for the Elba Island as a destination. Just search for them! And looking at a survey published just before summer 2010, almost an Italian each two (43% exactly) goes online to look for information and to book a holiday resort.

But, what has to offer this small isle situated between Tuscany and Corsica, and