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All the events dedicated to important historical facts or personages who wrote pages of Italian history.


The Festa della Sensa in Venice

Festa-della-SensaThe historical image of Venice full of parade boats belongs to the popular imagination and, today, some celebrations have brought back to life the maritime parades of the old times.

The Festa della Sensa is one of the most famous Venetian celebrations. It takes places every year on the Ascension Day (“sensa” meaning “ascension” in Venetian dialect) and is really ancient because it was established around the year 1000. The point was to remember the trip of the Doge Pietro II Orseolo who went to fight the Slavic pirates on the Adriatic and who freed the populations of Dalmatia.


A Day in Pisa

Torre-di-Pisa1The city of Pisa is mostly famous because of its Leaning Tower, but they are other things to see in this antic Maritime Republic. In the following lines we propose you a tour to visit in one day the longtime rival of Florence.

Few people know that the famous Tower, which construction began in 1173, was aimed to be the campanile (a freestanding bell tower) of the adjacent Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta. It began to tilt while it wasn’t even finished because of the sandy soil making its base unstable. These edifices situated on the Piazza del Duomo (renamed Piazza dei Miracoli by the poet Gabriele D’Annunzio) together with the Baptistery and the Camposanto (a 1278-cemetery) are unfortunately among the last medieval monuments of Pisa. Indeed, the city suffered a lot from the Allied and German bombings at the end of World War Two.


From Jerusalem to Milan

Mostra da Gerusalemme a Milano12 July 2013 – 20 June 2014

There’s little time remaining to visit the Archaeological Museum of Milan which hosts this exhibition on the occasion of the famous Edict of Milan promulgation around 1700 years ago. During this historical event which took place in the Imperial Palace of Mediolanum (ancient name of Milan), by now destroyed, the emperor Constantine granted freedom of religion to every citizen of his Empire, therefore ending the persecutions of Christians  and establishing the preponderance of Christianity as a state religion.

The exhibition itinerary is suitable to all and explains in a simple but refined language the different themes around the Christian religion development during four centuries and the relationships between the growing Catholic Church and the already old Roman Empire.

St Lucy Day Celebrations throughout Italy

Considered the procuress of eyes, the blind, oculists and electricians, the liturgical festival of St Lucy is celebrated on 13th December, some days before summer solstice.

St Lucy’s body, which is currently kept in the Church of San Geremia in Venice, in the past was stolen by the Byzantines in Siracusa and later was purloined by Venetians who conquered Constantinople.

St Lucy celebrations, patron saint of Siracusa, a town located in Sicily, nowadays is a recurring event that crowds many Italian squares with stalls nd stands selling sweets and typical local dishes.

In Siracusa, during a slow procession,

2013 St Mary Of Health Festival in Venice

Born in 1631, the celebration of St Mary of Healt is one of the oldest and most important religious celebrations in Italy.

The event was created after the great plague epidemic that hit Northern Italy and consists in a pilgrimage to the Basilica Santa Maria della Luce.