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Here you will find many news about events, exhibitions and much more about Milan. If you would like to visit Milan, we suggest you a useful tourist guide to Milan: About Milan


Design Week in Milan

Salone-del-mobileMilan’s passion for design is famous as it is the second tradition of the city after fashion. Like each year in April, Lombardy’s capital is looking forward to the tens of thousands Italians and foreigners coming to visit the Salone Internazionale del Mobile (the most important event of its kind in the world) but also all the other events spread in the different quarters of Milan during the Design Week.

The Salone del Mobile takes place in the Rho Fiera complex and is aimed for workers in the sector, except during the weekend when it’s also open to the public. If you’re going to be part of the 40.000 people visiting the 12 and 13 April, prepare to see furniture of each style (classic, modern, contemporary) coming from the whole world and aimed to each room thanks to the side exhibitions focusing on furnishing accessories, kitchen and bathroom.

Spring in Italy

girasoliThe nice weather is coming back in Italy along with springtime! In order to enjoy these sweet days, there’s nothing better than discover or rediscover  the most beautiful Italian gardens or to organise some excursion in one of the many natural parks of the country.

We gave a look to our tour guides and found activities for you to make the most of your spring trip in Italy. Here are our suggestions.

Florence and Tuscany

If you’re in Florence you should enjoy a visit at the Giardino delle Rose (the Roses Garden) which has a wonderful panoramic view on the cathedral and its dome. In May, the place becomes tinged with the colors of all the different roses blooming.

The Giardino di Boboli, the biggest and most famous park of Florence is situated behind the Palazzo Pitti and hosts numerous fountains and statues. Based on the Italian garden style, this garden is also mentioned in Dan Brown’s famous novel, Inferno.


From Jerusalem to Milan

Mostra da Gerusalemme a Milano12 July 2013 – 20 June 2014

There’s little time remaining to visit the Archaeological Museum of Milan which hosts this exhibition on the occasion of the famous Edict of Milan promulgation around 1700 years ago. During this historical event which took place in the Imperial Palace of Mediolanum (ancient name of Milan), by now destroyed, the emperor Constantine granted freedom of religion to every citizen of his Empire, therefore ending the persecutions of Christians  and establishing the preponderance of Christianity as a state religion.

The exhibition itinerary is suitable to all and explains in a simple but refined language the different themes around the Christian religion development during four centuries and the relationships between the growing Catholic Church and the already old Roman Empire.


Stramilano 2014, on Sunday March 23rd

Stramilano 2014Piazza Duomo, Piazza Castello and the Civic Arena will be the scenary of the most awaited sports day for young and old people, professionals and amateurs: the Stramilano.
Here are the 3 races in program.

StraMilano 50,000 – Km 10
Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
Cathedral Square will be invaded by runners Stramilano 50,000.
From 7:30 am Milan will be invaded from a colorful “army” and freed from traffick. The Horse Artillery Regiment Voloire will shoot cannon, as a start of the non-competitive race.
Departure 9:00 am – Piazza Duomo
Check- in 13:30 – Arena Civica

Stramilanina – 5 Km
Departure at 9.30 am from Piazza Duomo, with the beautiful t -shirt Stramilano, the bag and the bib. The refreshment at mid-term will be an opportunity to refuel with a snack and then run in the direction of Arena Civica to receive the medal of the event and reconnect with all the other participants.
Departure 9:30 am – Piazza Duomo
Check- in 13:30 – Arena Civica

Stramilano International
Half Marathon – 21.097 km
The route of the half marathon is among the most famous in Italy, known for being fast, consists of long straights and stepless.
Departure at 11.00 from Piazza Castello for the competitive race, with Italian and international champions. It’s an opportunity for all FIDAL and IAAF athletes to compete alongside high level runners. Competition and challenge attract every year more than 6,000 members from around the world.
Departure at 11.00 – Piazza Castello
Check the Civic Arena

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Vassilij Kandisky. The Centre Pompidou collection exhibition in Milan

Kandiskij in mostra a MilanoCurrent exhibition from 17 December 2013-4 May 2014.

At Palazzo Reale in Milan you can visit the exhibition with more than 100 works by Kandinsky: from the first works to the last ones in Paris.

Known as the creator of abstract art, Kandinsky began his career painting brush landscapes. Throughout his career he was centered on the use of colors, often dividing them between primary and secondary; each color was considered second to intrinsic properties. For example, yellow was considered irrational, crazy and exciting enough to be compared to the sound of a trumpet.
The music accompanies the work of Kandinsky and his works were often inspired and also want to inspire sounds (Kandinsky explained the use of color often with the use of musical metaphors).

Kandinsky came also to relate colors with geometries (yellow is compared to the triangle) saying that the perfect combination of color and form, and then the result would have enhanced the emotion aroused by the work.

Kandisky Art was full of mystical sense, a revolution that was lately understood.

In this exhibition you will learn about and admire the artist’s career , through the periods that have marked his life:

  • Monaco : 1896 – 1914
  • Russia : 1914-1921
  • Bauhaus years: 1921-1933
  • Paris: 1933-1944

Monday : 14:30 to 19:30
Tuesdays, Wednesdays , Fridays and Sundays : 9:30 to 19:30
Thursday and Saturday 9:30 to 22:30

Full price: € 11.00
Reduced: € 9.50
Special reduced price: € 5.50
Audio guide included in the ticket