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Here you will find many news about events, exhibitions and much more about Siena, Tuscany, Italy. If you would like to visit Siena, we suggest you a useful tourist guide to Siena: About Siena

Siena’s Palio is coming! 2013 edition of the world-famous Horse Race

Summer is coming, Siena’s Palio too!

Once again, Siena is ready for welcoming thousands visitors coming from every corner of the world who come to Italy for marveling at such a great yearly event taking place in Piazza del Campo, the famous shell-shaped square in the wonderful Tuscan town.

The first appointment of the Palio, the famous, yearly horse race, is scheduled On Tuesday 2nd July, and will see the 10 contradas (districts) of the city in a hard challenge. But how old is the tradition of the Palio? Just think that the borders of each contrada date back to 1729!

56th Donkey Race in Torrita di Siena, Tuscany

As usual, once again the Palio dei Somari (the famous, traditional donkey race) will be held in Torrita di Siena in March.

Celebrations in honor of St. Joseph and the Palio already began on last Saturday, when the order in which Contradas will parade was established with a raffle and the Palio will take place on 24th March (in case of bad weather, the race will be held on 1st April).

Since 1966,

Celebrations for St. Lucy’s Day, the Shortest Day of the Year!

The celebration in honour of St. Lucy is a yearly festival taking place on December, 13th (the shortest day of the year).
As a matter of fact, its origin dates back to the same day in 304 AD when St. Lucy was martyred during the pogrom of Diocletian.

Saint Lucy is renowned for being the patroness of blind people, oculists and electricians because the name “Lucy” comes from “luce” (“light”).

During this day, also the citizens of Syracuse use to celebrate, because St. Lucy is the Patron Saint of the Sicilian town. They use to take her statue around the city from the cathedral to St. Lucy’s Church.

The historical parade is followed by an eighteenth-century stagecoach with characters wearing period costumes.

In some Italian regions and cities,

Oil festival in Montepescali, 2012

On November 19th and 20th, the typical Tuscan “Oil Festival” will be held in the little town of Montepescali (Grosseto).

The Oil Festival in Montepescali is not only an exhibition of the local products and oil or a tasting of several kinds of Tuscan food, but also a meeting point for craftsmen with their own characteristic objects and a place where people can enjoy moments of musical entertainment and fun, especially families and children.

In addition, as you will see, Montepescali has a wonderful view including also the French island of Corsica. This little town is also called the “balcony of the Maremma“.

This November, Discover all White Truffle and New Oil Festivals in Tuscany

San Giovanni d’Asso is a little village located in the neighbourhood of Siena (Region of Tuscany) along the Asso stream, from which it takes its name.

In this village, whre visitors can admire many old farmhouses and castles rich in history, truffle is part of the village traditions since the dawn of time, when it was still associated with witches because of its “mysterious” nature.

The first Italian Museum of Truffle was born here in 2004 and every year this special and rare food is celebrated by the village with the famous truffle fair: this year we celebrate the 27th