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The Italian Version of About Pisa is Finally Online

Now “About Pisa”, the useful online guide to Pisa, has also an Italian version.

This Pisa tourist guide was already available in English, German and Spanish language and, from today, also Italian users will have the chance to read all the information and tips concerning this city.

As a matter of fact, the website allows finding out many interesting news and information about this city, such as about its world-renowned monument and universal symbol, the Pending Tower, or the less famous palaces and historical buildings, its beautiful churches and old squares rich in history and culture, and much more.

In addition, users will also find the best museums to visit, the “Lungarni” and the bridges on Arno river, and many suggestions about the best guided tours for visiting Pisa in every corner. As you know, there’s so much to see in this Tuscan city, but with the help of such guided tours you will have the chance to marvel at the most important monuments in Pisa, even if you won’t have much time at your disposal. On “About Pis”, you’ll find all the information for booking your walking tours, bike tours or segway tours in Pisa! It will be a new and exciting experience!

Furthermore, a little section of the website is dedicated to

Tuscan Celebrations on November, 30th

On Sunday 30th November, the Region of Tuscany will celebrate the anniversary of death penalty’s abolition.

Festa della Toscana (Tuscan Feast) is a traditional appointment which joins the participation of all citizens and the Region of Tuscany institutions.

The origins of this feast date back to a legislative bill, to be more precise, the Penal Reform promulgated on 30th November 1786 by Grand Duke Peter Leopold of Lorraine.

With this reform, Tuscany put an end to the capital punishment, and marked an important moment of civility which would have changed its history forever. Tuscany in fact, thanks to Leopoldina Reform, was the first

Online TEFL Courses: get a TEFL Certificate and become a qualified English Teacher

The most common qualification required for teaching English in Italy and abroad is a TEFL certificate.

TEFL qualified teachers are in high demand worldwide with job opportunities in just about every country around the globe.

For the teachers who would like to have their skills to be credited, update their teaching methods and techniques, or for the ones who would like to begin a new exciting career as an English teacher, there are TEFL courses.

Unfortunately, often people have a busy lifestyle and don’t have the necessary

Saint Ranieri’s Luminara enlightens the city of Pisa

Still today, Pisa hedges within its ancient walls the most beautiful and magic traditions of the past loved by its citizens which every year are celebrated in a unique way.

Among the most beautiful, exiting and stunning, we find the event of Luminara, which on every 16th June takes place in Pisa in honor of the patron of the city, San Ranieir, whose memorabilia are preserved in the Chapel of Pisa Cathedral (Duomo) since 1688.

On this occasion, some days before the event, about 70,000 little lights and candles are placed on the facades of the buildings along the Arno river, which decorate ledges, windows, arcades and balconies of all monuments, palaces, towers and churches of the city.

A myriad of lights adorning the picturesque city of Pisa, creating

Discover the new tourist guide About Liguria

Web Marketing Team Staff is proud to present its new creation, the brand new website “About Liguria“.

This is a useful tourist guide which has been created in order to provide many interesting and detailed information about everything concerning the Region of Liguria, its towns, its castles, its churches, its traditions and culture, its stunning landscapes made up of sea and mountains.

Ever you ever been in Liguria?

It is a very small region located in the North-West of Italy. This thin strip of land surrounded by mountains and deep blue sea will enchant you at first sight. For your next holiday, you’d better think about it.

This is a land where it is possible to find fun, relax, nature, sport, wellness and excellent food, that is to say all visitors here can find their ideal holiday. That’s why About Liguria offers all the necessary