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Discover the new tourist guide About Liguria

Web Marketing Team Staff is proud to present its new creation, the brand new website “About Liguria“.

This is a useful tourist guide which has been created in order to provide many interesting and detailed information about everything concerning the Region of Liguria, its towns, its castles, its churches, its traditions and culture, its stunning landscapes made up of sea and mountains.

Ever you ever been in Liguria?

It is a very small region located in the North-West of Italy. This thin strip of land surrounded by mountains and deep blue sea will enchant you at first sight. For your next holiday, you’d better think about it.

This is a land where it is possible to find fun, relax, nature, sport, wellness and excellent food, that is to say all visitors here can find their ideal holiday. That’s why About Liguria offers all the necessary

Visit Mugello: discovering Florence Renaissance

Viaggio dei MagiFrom 8th of June until the 30th of November a great exhibition on Renaissance will be organised in Mugello in four different historical locations.
A very low price shuttle service from Florence will be available to go to the different places of the exhibition as a one day tour. To join this event it’s necessary to buy a “Mugello Card” (5 Euros, 3,5 Euros reduced) which give access to Palazzo Medici Riccardi (Florence), to most of the museums present in Mugello and a 10% of discount with all agreed restaurants, shops and hotels.
Furthermore, on weekends, a free guide will take partecipants through the exhibition. For group reservations are required.

In Palazzo Medici Riccardi it’s possible to assist at the “introduction” of the exhibition, with the

Milan: discover the Navigli of Leonardo

I Navigli di Leonardo da Vinci a MilanoThanks to About Milan and in the last few days we rediscovered the beauty and the historical and scientific importance of the Navigli of Milan. To our astonishment we have discovered that there is a company that organizes, as a result of the last year’s success, excursions on the Navigli of Leonardo during the whole summer.

In fact, until 30th September it is possible to book an excursion on the Navigli on three different routes:

  • The Valley Line: from Alzaia Naviglio Grande 4 to dam “Conchetta”, passing along Darsena of Milan;
  • The line Delizie: along the route Robecco sul Naviglio – Castelletto di Cuggiono;
  • The line Parco Sud that unravels along the path that connects Milan with Gaggiano.

It is very unusual that the term “Navigli”, in Milan, is identified with only the two opened routes of Navigio Grande and Naviglio Pavese and in more general sense the area between the two navigable canals characterized by the presence of numerous nightspots.

In fact, many people don’t know, and here we come to the usual fact, that the Navigli were used not only to transport different kinds of merchandise to Milan, but also to transport the marble of Candoglia used in the construction of Milan’s Cathedral, and in more recent times, to transport the rolls of paper used by the typewriters of Corriere della Sera.

Florence: how to move into the city chaos!

Traffic in FlorenceSometimes the movement into the city traffic can be an adventure, mainly for who doesn’t know the area.

Have you arrived in Pisa with the airplane and don’t you know how to reach the city of Florence?Are you into the Milan’s station and don’t you have an idea of how to reach your hotel?Would you like to rent a bike or a car, but don’t yuo know from where to leave and how you have to spend?

Finally, we collected some useful hints to learn how to move into the big cities’ caos. Often, the information is limited and/or confused, the solutions to arrive in a sight can be varied, and the same citizens sometimes don’t know all the easier and faster ways to reach a place.

We have always addresses to foreign people, since the birth of our first web site (About Florence), we have always tried to pay great attention to this theme. During the time, the single page dedicated to transports in Florence has turned into a real section, made of information, advices and useful addresses to move without troubles.