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Here you will find many news about events, exhibitions and much more about Venice. If you would like to visit Venice, we suggest you a useful tourist guide to Venice: About Venice


14th Biennale of Architecture in Venice

Biennale-VeneziaThe Biennale is probably the most famous event occurring in Venice. As always, the attention of professionals and aficionados will point towards the old Maritime Republic for the 14th Biennale of Architecture taking place at the Arsenal and in the Biennale Gardens for 6 months, from the 7 June to the 23 November.

There will also be the Biennales of Contemporary dancing, Music and Cinema at the same time. They have been integrated this year to the Architecture Exhibition, named “Fundamentals”, on the wish of Rem Koolhaas, the Dutch director of the event.

As usually, countries of the whole world will be participating, 66 in this case, each with its own pavilion and with 10 of them attending for the first time the Biennale. This year, the national pavilions will be involved in the theme chosen by Koolhaas, “Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014”, which is an innovation.


The Festa della Sensa in Venice

Festa-della-SensaThe historical image of Venice full of parade boats belongs to the popular imagination and, today, some celebrations have brought back to life the maritime parades of the old times.

The Festa della Sensa is one of the most famous Venetian celebrations. It takes places every year on the Ascension Day (“sensa” meaning “ascension” in Venetian dialect) and is really ancient because it was established around the year 1000. The point was to remember the trip of the Doge Pietro II Orseolo who went to fight the Slavic pirates on the Adriatic and who freed the populations of Dalmatia.


13th Venice International Boat Show

nave-salone-nauticoTrade, handicraft, buildings and food… During centuries, the antic Maritime Republic of Venice was grounded on the sea and drew all its wealth from it. This profound relationship is nowadays brought to light by events like the 13th Venice International Boat Show.

For every person passionate by boats, for those wanting to purchase or simply to admire and dream, here is an unavoidable meeting occurring every year at the beginning of April and which is the only event of its kind on the whole Adriatic Sea.

Taking some distance with the preconceived idea that boats are reserved to rich people, this Show  prefers to focus on the little and medium sailing equipment. Numerous companies specialized in boating and water sports will display around 160 crafts on water or dry land, without forgetting the bigger ships (longer than 10m) which will have their dedicated space.

Spring in Italy

girasoliThe nice weather is coming back in Italy along with springtime! In order to enjoy these sweet days, there’s nothing better than discover or rediscover  the most beautiful Italian gardens or to organise some excursion in one of the many natural parks of the country.

We gave a look to our tour guides and found activities for you to make the most of your spring trip in Italy. Here are our suggestions.

Florence and Tuscany

If you’re in Florence you should enjoy a visit at the Giardino delle Rose (the Roses Garden) which has a wonderful panoramic view on the cathedral and its dome. In May, the place becomes tinged with the colors of all the different roses blooming.

The Giardino di Boboli, the biggest and most famous park of Florence is situated behind the Palazzo Pitti and hosts numerous fountains and statues. Based on the Italian garden style, this garden is also mentioned in Dan Brown’s famous novel, Inferno.

2013 St Mary Of Health Festival in Venice

Born in 1631, the celebration of St Mary of Healt is one of the oldest and most important religious celebrations in Italy.

The event was created after the great plague epidemic that hit Northern Italy and consists in a pilgrimage to the Basilica Santa Maria della Luce.