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55th Venice International Art Exhibition

From June, 1st to November, 24th, the most acclaimed art exhibition in Europe and the world, 55th International Art Exhibition, will take place at the Giardini and the Arsenale (Preview on May 29th, 30th and 31st) and in other venues around Venice.

This year, the event’s title is The Encyclopaedic Palace

The Venetian Artist Lorenzo Lotto on display in Venice

Lorenzo Lotto‘s artworks, a great artist of Renaissance painting, are exhibited in Venice from last 9th March and until 7th July at Reggia La Venaria.

In the rooms Sale dell Arti of La Venaria visitors will find the most important paintings of the Venetian artist together with ten or so new works belonging to several Italian churches and museums.

In addition, at the exhibition visitors

“Madame Fisscher”: Urs Fischer’s art on display in Venice till July, 15th

Visitors still have the chance to enjoy the exhibition by the German artist Urs Fischer, one of the many projects dedicated to a contemporary artist organized by Palazzo Grassi in Venice.

Madame Fisscher, this is the title of the exhibition, can be read according to several interpretations but don’t let visitors in indifference. If you’re around Venice in these days, visit the exhibition at least once, it’s worth it!

The exhibition is held in the hall and the 1st floor of Palazzo Grassi and there’s a series of movies chosen by the artist and a catalogue designed and published by the artist himself.

Who is Urs Fischer?

“The Dalì Universe” in Venice until 18th March

You still have a few days for marvelling at Salvador Dalì’s artworks in Venice.

An exhibition entitiled “The Dalì Universe” will be held until 18th March 2012 at S. Apollonia Museum in Venice, a few steps away from the charming and famous Piazza San Marco.

This exhibition, dedicated to one of the greatest artists of 20th century, puts over 100 artworks on display.

Visitors can admire a collection of artworks lesser known to the public, which include bronze sculpture (such as his Profile of Time

The ancient relationship between Venice and Egypt told by 300 artworks in an Exhibition

A special exhibition is still taking place in Venice, from last 1st October 2011 until 22nd January 2012. An exhibition in which history, adventure, science, trade, historical events and great artworks interweave.

As well as Cleopatra seduced Caesar and later Mark Antony, the charming Egypt was able to seduce Rome and later, in the course of time, the whole West.

The exhibition, taking place in the wonderful Sala dello Scrutinio at Palazzo Ducale in Venice – symbol of the city – shows with many findings the relationships between Venice and Egypt during almost 2 thousand years (from the classic age until the opening of Suez canal, an initiative proposed by the government