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The Italian Version of About Pisa is Finally Online

Now “About Pisa”, the useful online guide to Pisa, has also an Italian version.

This Pisa tourist guide was already available in English, German and Spanish language and, from today, also Italian users will have the chance to read all the information and tips concerning this city.

As a matter of fact, the website allows finding out many interesting news and information about this city, such as about its world-renowned monument and universal symbol, the Pending Tower, or the less famous palaces and historical buildings, its beautiful churches and old squares rich in history and culture, and much more.

In addition, users will also find the best museums to visit, the “Lungarni” and the bridges on Arno river, and many suggestions about the best guided tours for visiting Pisa in every corner. As you know, there’s so much to see in this Tuscan city, but with the help of such guided tours you will have the chance to marvel at the most important monuments in Pisa, even if you won’t have much time at your disposal. On “About Pis”, you’ll find all the information for booking your walking tours, bike tours or segway tours in Pisa! It will be a new and exciting experience!

Furthermore, a little section of the website is dedicated to

Regatta of the Maritime Republics: June, 2nd in Pisa

Tomorrow, Tuesday 2nd June is the Italian Republic Day, a usual recurrence which every year schedules any sort of events and activities in order not to forget this very important day which deeply marked the history of our country.

Pisa will be the city which this year will celebrate this important day with a spectacular and stunning event which comes back after four years: the Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics.

This year it’s Pisa‘s turn, which on the river’s water which goes through the city, will show the proud boats parade carrying the coats of arms of their own city. The event is aimed not just to suggest again the ancient competition between the maritime republics but also to