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The International Short Film Festival Filmcaravan comes back in Imperia

Once again, Filmcaravan, the successful international short film competition held in the province of Imperia, comes back in the squares of some of the most beautiful villages in the area, from July, 31st to August, 3rd.

Such a cinema competition will begin on July, 31st at 9.30 pm in the village of Cervo in Piazza dei Corallini, with the showing of “Die ruhe bleibt” (“Keep quiet”), a work by Stefan Kriekhaus from Germany,

The International Book Fair comes back in Turin | May, 16th – 20th

Once again, the appointment with the International Book Fair comes back  in Turin: it will be held at the famous Lingotto, an establishment converted into an exhibition, convention and commercial centre by the architect Renzo Piano. The event will take place from 16th to 20th May 2013 and will be powered by the Foundation for the book, music and culture, Piedmont Region, the Province of Turin and the City of Turin.

The Fair is the largest library in Italy and in the Mediterranean area, where great, medium and small publishers reach the same visibility: even the local publishing has the opportunity to be known and appreciated beyond its territorial boundaries; it’s animmense shelf in which the public can meet the book in all its forms: e-books, audio books, ancient books

Siena pays homage to its Traditional Events: Scorribanda

On September, Saturday 15th, 12 music bands coming from Siena’s and Arezzo’s area will parade and perform in the city streets of Siena.

They will all gather in the beautiful and world-famous Piazza del Campo at 4.30 pm for starting this yearly music performance.

The festival will begin at 10.30 am and 600 musicians are expected to be here. The bands will start their parade from 4 different parts of the city:

9th Festival della Mente in Sarzana: a homage to Creativity and Culture

From 31st August to 2nd September, the charming town of Sarzana (Liguria Region) will celebrate its 9th Festival della Mente: the first European event totally devoted to creativity, directed by Giulio Cogoli and promoted by the Foundation Carispe and the City of Sarzana.

The festival includes about 90 events and activities conceived for adults and children with Italian and foreign philosophers, scientists, writers, artists, musicians, psychoanalysts, historians, actors and directors who started original thoughts and discussions about nature and creativity, some of the most popular features of human skills.

The meetings will take place in the symbolic places of the town, as the “Citadella” (Firmafede Fortress), the Cloister of San Francesco, Matteotti Square

Count Down begins for 8th edition of Festival della Mente in Sarzana

The 8th edition of Festival della Mente – Europe 1st festival to be dedicated to creativity and creative processes – will come back in Sarzana from September, 2nd to 4th 2011.

As usual, in this year’s program we find a lot of original, interesting events for an audience which every year is getting larger and larger: just think that past editions of the festival were attended by about 40,000 people.

Such an original festival entirely devoted to culture and creativity will crowd again the streets of the historical center of Sarzana, a little medieval city