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Venice’s Festival of the Redeemer: a Timeless, Never-ending Tradition

One of the oldest and most traditional festivals in Venice is going to be celebrated once again in the city of love on July, 20th and 21st: the Festival of the Redeemer.

Such an event is enshrines both religion traditions and a more entertaining aspect thanks to the awesome fireworks that mark this festival.

Every year, thousands visitors gathers around the stage of St. Mark’s lagoon for marvelling at the wonderful effects of light play and colours produced by the fireworks, which stand out behind the steeples and cupolas of the city.

41st International Theater Festival in Venice

Are you ready? The International Theater Festival will be held in Venice from 10th to 16th October 2011 within the framework of Venice Biennale.

It’s a kind of festival-workshop. The newly-appointed Catalan director Àlex Rigola has imagined the festival as an “agora of theatre”, inviting the leading personalities on the international scene –directors, choreographers, artists, architects and set designers, experts in video-writing and lighting creators – to make Venice