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The International Short Film Festival Filmcaravan comes back in Imperia

Once again, Filmcaravan, the successful international short film competition held in the province of Imperia, comes back in the squares of some of the most beautiful villages in the area, from July, 31st to August, 3rd.

Such a cinema competition will begin on July, 31st at 9.30 pm in the village of Cervo in Piazza dei Corallini, with the showing of “Die ruhe bleibt” (“Keep quiet”), a work by Stefan Kriekhaus from Germany,

The young Cinema Competition comes back in Imperia: 6th Video Festival Città d’Imperia

Dear big screen’s addicts, even though it’s still very young – but already successful, it has got what it takes, the 6th Video Festival Città d’Imperia comes back in the Ligurian city from April, 12th to 16th 2011.

The cinema competition received 688 works coming from 41 different countries.

The official selection presents many titles related to many different themes, here are some of them: Alla ricerca della vita (Antonio Mano) Animazione Amatori, Sulle tracce dei pinguini in Sud America (Sarah Giannelli) Cat. Explorer Turistico Italy, Le Rendez Fous (Massimo Pibiri) Film Internaz. France, Dentro del bosque (Ecam / Luis Caballero) Film Internaz. Spain, The sinners (Pablo Polledri) Animaz. Internaz. Argentina, Profezie Maja e cerchi nel grano (Luca Trovellesi Cesana) Doc. Professionisti,

Imperia hosts the 2nd edition of Filmcaravan 2010 – Festival of Short Movies

Are you a cinema addicted?

Well, here it is the perfect event for you, especially if you love short movies.

As a matter of fact, Filmcaravan 2010 comes back at its 2nd edition, the festival dedicated to international short movies. Several short movies coming from all around the world will take part in the competition and will be projected during the evenings from August 4th to 7th in the province of Imperia (Region of Liguria), a city located by the Ligurian Sea.

The Festival began just yesterday night in the municipality of Cervo, with the projections of: An Untitled Life (Burma, 2008), Annie de Francia (France, 2009), Underwear (USA, 2009), True beauty last night (USA, 2009), Glenn Owen Dodds (Australia 2009), Worth (USA, 2008), Leave not a cloud behind (France / Germany / Columbia, 2010).

Tonight, on Thursday 5th August, in the town of Diano Castello the following short movies are scheduled: Careful with that axe (New Zealand, 2007), Pixels (France, 2010), Geboren & Getogen (Holland, 2009), 24.6 (Belgium, 2008), September (Great Britain, 2008), Music in the blood (Romania, 2009), Procuration (France, 2008), Jitensha (USA / Japan, 2009), Love child (Sweden, 2009).

The interesting films will be projected in the town of Dolcedo on Friday 6th August: Meteorites (Thailand, 2008), Donde està Kim Basinger? (France, 2009), Blue Sofa (Italy, 2009), La carte (France, 2009), Ja Ja Nein Nein (Switzerland, 2009), Dor (Israeli, 2009).

Finally, during the evening of Saturday 7th August, at Villa Grock in Imperia,

The Battle of Flowers in Ventimiglia, Liguria

Since last Saturday 19thJune, the historical and traditional Battle of Flowers has begun in the city of Ventimiglia, a town located in the Western Ligurian Riviera.

We are talking about a very ancient event, which takes its origins in the ceremonies celebrated by the farmers in order to pay homage to the rebirth of vegetation in springtime, because they were aware of the bounty of “mother earth” and knew that good harvests depended on her.

Throughout the years, this event turned into a sort of carnival, with a parade of papier-mâché floats decorated with thousands flowers and colors, and subsequently, with floats covered in a mosaic work made up of flowers. Since 1933, the Battle of Flowers in Ventimiglia became the only original one for good, differing from the other many similar parades on the Riviera for its elegant and artistic flowers arrangements.

The 5th Editon of Video Festival in the City of Imperia, Liguria

The 5th edition of the Video Festival in the City of Imperia this year will be held from April 20th to 24th 2010, in the city of Imperia (Region of Liguria).

Such a festival was born in 2006 from an idea of the current Artistic Director in order to create an innovative event which could give the city and its province a new image and could involve authors of amateur videos from the near cities and seaside resorts of the Western Liguria Riviera.

But such a renowned festival, since its first edition, had a national connotation, because many authors coming from all over Italy took part in the competition, and different competitive sections were created.

Nowadays, the Festival counts 685 works entered from 51 different countries.