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International Furniture Exhibition celebrates its 50th edition

The Milan event dedicated to design is just around the corner.

The International Furniture Exhibition and Fuori Salone come back in Milan and this year celebrate a special event: the 50th anniversary of Salone del Mobile di Milano.

Together with the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition presents a wide and varied range of proposals showcasing 360° of domestic furnishing solutions both in terms of typology – from stand-alone pieces to coordinates – and in terms of style – from classical to design to modern – not to mention the trendsetters of tomorrow.

The city and its habitants, especially in hotels and restaurants, are preparing for welcoming guests from all over the world.

The side events scheduled are

Florence February Fever: Trend and Chocolate

The city of Florence in winter time, the city of Florence waiting to be visited, the city of Florence dedicating space to suiting everyone’s fancy. Events, despite their young age, that entered Florence winter tradition and that kids and adults await all year long.

On February, 4th two not so similar appointments get under way: in Fortezza Da Basso comes back Immagine Italia & Co. while Piazza Santa Croce will be invaded by expositors rushed in town for Hand-crafted Chocolate Fair.

The 4th edition of Immagine Italia & Co., from February, 4th to 6th , represents

Pisa, Palazzo Blu: Mediterranean myths through Joan Mirò’s eyes

The city of Pisa, after the great success of Chagall dedicated exhibition, came to host one of the 20th century illustrious names at Blu: Palazzo d’Arte e Cultura (Blu: Art and Culture Palace) with Joan Mirò works’ exposition until January, 23rd 2011 about Mediterranean myths reviewed in a surrealist key.

The display is based on combinations between poetry and sculptures, engraving pieces, color paintings, pictures, lithography works, with a union always meaningful to Mirò, and takes the visitor to discover work after work artist’s mood, places he took to his heart, great Mediterranean myths