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Celebrations for St. Lucy’s Day, the Shortest Day of the Year!

The celebration in honour of St. Lucy is a yearly festival taking place on December, 13th (the shortest day of the year).
As a matter of fact, its origin dates back to the same day in 304 AD when St. Lucy was martyred during the pogrom of Diocletian.

Saint Lucy is renowned for being the patroness of blind people, oculists and electricians because the name “Lucy” comes from “luce” (“light”).

During this day, also the citizens of Syracuse use to celebrate, because St. Lucy is the Patron Saint of the Sicilian town. They use to take her statue around the city from the cathedral to St. Lucy’s Church.

The historical parade is followed by an eighteenth-century stagecoach with characters wearing period costumes.

In some Italian regions and cities,

This November, Discover all White Truffle and New Oil Festivals in Tuscany

San Giovanni d’Asso is a little village located in the neighbourhood of Siena (Region of Tuscany) along the Asso stream, from which it takes its name.

In this village, whre visitors can admire many old farmhouses and castles rich in history, truffle is part of the village traditions since the dawn of time, when it was still associated with witches because of its “mysterious” nature.

The first Italian Museum of Truffle was born here in 2004 and every year this special and rare food is celebrated by the village with the famous truffle fair: this year we celebrate the 27th

All the Scariest Halloween Parties in Italy

The night of the witches is back with magic, ghosts, zombies and pumpkins…

A night to dress up, entering the supernatural and playing with fear and the afterlife! There is a lot of choice to celebrate this special night, so we often don’t have time or patience enough to find the best solution. For the boldest ones and for who wants to find something else than the usual Halloween disco party, here are some ideas! Happy Halloween everyone! :-)

Traditional Pieve Fair in Sinalunga, a few steps from Siena

During the week of celebrations on the occasion of Madonna del Rosario, on Tuesday 9th October, the Pieve Fair comes back in Sinalunga, a village located in Val di Chiana near Siena (Tuscany).

Also called “Fierone” (Great Fair) for its large dimensions, it’s definitely an unmissable event!

In the past, the fair took place around the church of San Pietro ad Mensulas and it was very famous for the cattle and swine market.

Nowadays, visitors will find at the fair many stalls, wine and food stands,

Siena pays homage to its Traditional Events: Scorribanda

On September, Saturday 15th, 12 music bands coming from Siena’s and Arezzo’s area will parade and perform in the city streets of Siena.

They will all gather in the beautiful and world-famous Piazza del Campo at 4.30 pm for starting this yearly music performance.

The festival will begin at 10.30 am and 600 musicians are expected to be here. The bands will start their parade from 4 different parts of the city: