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Expo Pisa 2012, the trade fair of Tuscan handmade products

From 23rd March to 1st April 2012, the 24th edition of Expo Pisa will be held in the city of Pisa, Tuscany.

This important fair in Pisa every year wants to show the best of Tuscan handmade and manufacturing products, and thousands visitors come from every corner of Italy.

Promoted by Confesercenti Pisa and sponsored by Regione Toscana, Provincia di Pisa, Comune di Pisa and Camera di Commercio, the fair will take place at the exhibition center

Picasso creations on Display in Pisa

Visitors have still a few days for marveling at the wonderful artworks kept intact in the exhibition taking place at Palazzo Blu in Pisa since last October, 14th.

As a matter of fact, until 29th January 2012 the old Palazzo Blu will hold the masterpieces of some of the greatest painting masters of all times.

“Ho voluto essere pittore e sono diventato Picasso” (“I would to be a painter and I became Picasso”), this is the title of the exhibition.

As a result of the cooperation among Fondazione Palazzo Blu

Pisa Expo, sustainable development

The yearly appointment with Expo-Pisa comes back with its commitment for economic recovery and sustainable development in this 23rd edition in collaboration with Aghape, a marketing company dealing with the combination of ethics and cultural diffusion with a brand new business model that points to avoid damaging the natural resources quite limited.

The new pavilion dedicated to the eco-friendly building will be open and named Bio & Energy – Ecotechnica 2011.

Many conventions are organized in Expo days, didactic events to which people interested could attend: let’s start on March, 28th with the workshop on training of manager Procedure,

A Pendulum in Pisa Airport: Skoda pays homage to Galileo

A new interesting initiative intended to pay homage to the year dedicated to science and to the great Italian Galileo Galilei: an extraordinary work created by the contemporary sculptor Vladimir Skoda at Pisa Airport.


We are talking about a sculpture entitled Galileo-Galilei, designed and created by Skoda with the intent to recall the discoveries and the instruments used by the Italian scientist, and to commemorate such an important protagonist in the field of science.


This stunning sculpture-installation is made up of a concave mirror put behind the golden steel sphere of a pendulum, whose oscillations create