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Summer has arrived with a bang in Pisa with the exceptional event “Luminara 2013”

Here we go guys, finally! Temperature is getting higher and maybe Summer is just around the corner in Italy!

As a matter of fact, here it is soon en event ready for announce the awakening of Summer: on Sunday 16th June, once again, the striking Luminara di San Ranieri will take place in Pisa and, as a tradition, will enlighten the historical centre with thousands candle lights.

Pisa will be enlightened by about 70,000 candle lights in the area

Festivals and Traditions in Tuscany

Italy would not be called “dolce vita” if there are not so many festivals and historical events. Especially Tuscany has a huge repertoire of festivals full of tradition. Almost each Tuscany village has its own traditional and individual festival with its many culinary specialties of each region.

Always a good reason to celebrate for Mediterranean countries is in September and November where people celebrate thanksgiving for their olives and wine harvest. The residents of the country are always happy about visitors and tourists and are generous hosts.

They will tell you about their culture,

The Tuscan City of Carrara celebrates with Festivals and Septemberfest

From Friday 9th to Sunday 11th September 2011, the 6th edition of “Con-Vivere”, the festival of philosophy, comes back in Carrara with the main theme “Bianco, rosso e verde” (the colours of Italian flag: “White, Red and Green”). This because the whole event will focus on the Italian Unity, analyzed from every side by many journalists, historians, economists.

This year, the festival will have as usual a rich program: it schedules 14 meetings, 4 concerts, 2 painting exhibitions, besides many book shops and restaurants open and beautiful squares crowded by people.

The Italian band “Elio e le storie tese”