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53rd Genoa International Boat Show

From October 2nd to 6th 2013, the International Boat Show comes back in Genoa with several meetings, itineraries and initiatives for adults and children.

The Boat Show has a brand new layout made up a 180,000-sqm exhibition area, 100,000 of which are on water, 6 different exposition areas, all kinds of boats on display (from powerboats to sailing boats, from tender boats to maxi yatchs) from 1,85 to 80 m long boats.

750 exhibitors, 1,000 boats on display, 100

Epiphany 2013 in the Region of Liguria

Dear children, are you ready for hanging your socks waiting for Befana, the old, kind woman who brings sweeties and candies? Or maybe, if you’ve been naughty kids last year, she could bring coal to you, as tradition says…

It is said that on every 6th January, the Befana arrives riding her broomstick and bringing many delicious things to the children (just like Santa Claus!). In Italy, it is an old tradition and this day is celebrated for remembering the arrival of the Three Wise Men to visit Baby Jesus or, for the non-believers, the coming of Befana.

What’s up in Liguria on Epiphany Day? In Liguria visitors can find many events and celebrations in different cities, concerts, bonfires, exhibitions and street markets, but also many “Befana Parties” or even many Miss modern Befana Competitions.

Here are some of the major events in Liguria for celebrating Epiphany 2013:

Two great artists at Palazzo Ducale in Genoa: Mirò and Steve McCurry

The cultural institutions of Liguria use to promote some initiatives through the whole region, counting on several important museums.

Among the museums, Palazzo Ducale is the most important and famous one and its history can confirm it. In the end of 13th century, the palace was built by the Republic of Genoa and, after that, it became the seat of the first Doge, Simon Boccanegra.

With the passing of time, the palace was going to deteriorate but then, with the following restoration, it came back to its old charm.

During 2012/2013 winter season, the palace hosts two great exhibitions:
one dedicated to the masterpieces of the painter Mirò and one celebrating the photos of the great photographer Steve McCurry.

From October 5th (2012) to April 7th (2013), the exhibition of Mirò’s masterpieces will show visitors over 80 pieces of art: oil paintings, terracottas, watercolours paintings and bronzes.
The exhibition focuses on the works belonging to the last period of Mirò’s life, when the artist succeeded in finding a place to work through the silence and peace. In addition, there’s the participation of one of the most international experts of Mirò, M.L.Cacho.

Cloisters of Columbus’ Time

Let’s celebrate the discoverer of the New Continent at the several cloisters of Columbus’ time in Genoa.

Like every year, Genoa will host the traveling historical parade called “Cloisters in the time of Columbus”, on October 14th (the Sunday which is the closest to October 12th, date of the discovery of America).

As we all know – though the Spanish keep on denying it – Christopher Columbus was in fact Italian, as he was born in Genoa. Its native city has thus decided to celebrate him with this traveling feast through the ancient cloisters, where he spent his youth.

Throughout the whole day you will have the chance to enjoy music, poetry,

Discovering South Pole. One Hundred Years Later

If you’re planning a trip to Genoa or you’re there now on holiday, don’t miss the chance to visit an extraordinary exhibition about the discovery of South Pole that took place one hundred years ago.

“Race. Alla conquista del polo sud” (“Conquering the South Pole”) is the exhibition held by the American Museum of Natural History of New York at