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56th Donkey Race in Torrita di Siena, Tuscany

As usual, once again the Palio dei Somari (the famous, traditional donkey race) will be held in Torrita di Siena in March.

Celebrations in honor of St. Joseph and the Palio already began on last Saturday, when the order in which Contradas will parade was established with a raffle and the Palio will take place on 24th March (in case of bad weather, the race will be held on 1st April).

Since 1966,

Cloisters of Columbus’ Time

Let’s celebrate the discoverer of the New Continent at the several cloisters of Columbus’ time in Genoa.

Like every year, Genoa will host the traveling historical parade called “Cloisters in the time of Columbus”, on October 14th (the Sunday which is the closest to October 12th, date of the discovery of America).

As we all know – though the Spanish keep on denying it – Christopher Columbus was in fact Italian, as he was born in Genoa. Its native city has thus decided to celebrate him with this traveling feast through the ancient cloisters, where he spent his youth.

Throughout the whole day you will have the chance to enjoy music, poetry,

2000 Years of Flavian Dynasty in a Touring Exhibition in Rome

A very special exhibition is still under way in Rome, set up to celebrate the “birthday” of one of the greatest personages of our history. In fact, the notorious Tito Flavio Vespasiano this year has his 2000th birthday, and his city, the wonderful Rome decided to celebrate the event with a particular touring exhibition which until January 2010 will go through the whole capital.


The great exhibition Divus Vespasianus. Il Bimillenario dei Flavi” (“Divus Vespasianus The two-thousand-year Flavian”) is dedicated to the plebeian emperor, who coming from the army was able to wear the emperor crown; it is divided into six sections in which portraits,