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This Summer, Latin American Concerts and Events in Milan: 2013 edition of Latinoamericando

The most important Latin American event in Europe comes back in the Italian capital of fashion: 2013 edition of Latinoamericando is coming to Milan!

From June, 13th to August, 13th 2013 get ready to go wild to the hot rhythm of Latin dances together with famous international guests.

The countdown has already started up (you can see it on the official website of the event), just a little bit more and the appointments will begin!

Here are some of the great names included in the calendar

MITO 2010 – September rich in Music, between Milan and Turin

The 4th edition of the musical festival MITO is going to take place in Milan and Turin, as the
name suggests (MI+TO), in September.

MITO is not just the connection between such two important cities like Milan and Turin, but
a musical event that schedules over 200 concerts taking place in theatres, churches, villas,
streets and squares, from 3rd to 24th September in both cities.

The 4th edition planned a programme that meets many different musical styles: symphonic,
jazz, folk-rock, pop and ethnic music
. In other words, a programme apart, with different
styles and languages (music, cinema and theater).

In addition to Milan and Turin, the festival schedules concerts also in the following towns:
Brescia, Como, Monza, Lecco, Bricherasio, Magnano,

Notte Lido Blu: the Blue Night of Lido di Camaiore

On Saturday 11th July, the most expected and coolest Italian summer event will come back in Lido di Camaiore: Notte Lido Blu, a wonderful evening that for 12 consecutive hours will entertain and amuse adults and children, with any kind of shows and initiatives, many stands dedicated to sport and most of all…live music!

Everything will take place along the amazing and renowned Lido waterfront, where every kind of commercial activities will remain open to the public till late: beach resorts, several shops, clubs, pubs and restaurants.

This new edition 2009 will present 6 different themes,