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Videogames and Comics are coming back to Lucca, in Italy

From 28th October to 1st November 2011, the Lucca Comics & Games 2011 will be held in the Tuscan city of Lucca, the international fair of comics.

This year the edition will welcome guests like David Llyoid, Manuele Fior, Davide Reviati and the Japanese Jiro Taniguchi.

Scott Farrar wil be the special guest of this edition, one of the greatest artist and special effects maker (in his career he took part in 40 Holliwood films,

“Tuscany Feast” 2009. When the past teaches the progress

festa della Toscana 2009

Tuscany can boast of several records, especially one: this region was the first in the world to abolish the capital punishment. In fact on November 30th 1796, the enlightened Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo banished confiscation, torture and death penalty through a single law.

Since 2001, Tuscany has been celebrating this historical occurrence with an official feast, which even schedules a holiday for the schools of the ancient Grand Duchy and a program rich of events spread on all the regional area.

This initiative aims not only to remind and celebrate a defining moment of modern history, but in particular to reflect on the present and the future of the whole mankind. It’s important to notice, in fact, that the capital punishment is still applied in many countries in the world, and that Italian State is fighting for its abolition with an international moratorium at UN.

Hence this topic is a living matter, together with other related issues as democracy, peace, equality and justice all over the world.

Tuscany Feast so deals with values which are not only strictly related to death penalty, but also to other current problems, such as dialogue among different cultures and inclusion, sexual equality and deaths on-the-job. For this reason, during the event, congresses, lectures and official meetings are scheduled, to which

A Special Tribute to Comics in Italy

Comics and its fans will be the protagonists of the Autumnal season in Lucca and Milan, with two important events dedicated to the world of comics.


In fact, from October 29th to November 1st, inside the walls and in the picturesque squares of the stunning city of the Versilia area, the internationally renowned Lucca Comics & Games starts again. For more than 40 years, such an appointment gathers fans and people involved in the work (last year the presences were 130,000), attracted by the exhibition market and most of all by the several collateral events and projects.


So much that this year the organizers decided to give it the official name of “International Festival of Comics, Games and Illustrations” and to celebrate such a transformation with the title “The Evolution of the Species”.


Actually, the event’s programme schedules several initiatives, as well as the festival dates and locations are noticeably increasing. On October 17th, the real exhibition will start in the historical location of the Doge’s Palace.


The historical centre, with many new stages, also this year will be the events’ fulcrum. Here you will find the Self Area, dedicated to the self-made comics, a space in the interests of free creativity and invention. The Music & Comics will draw the attention of visitors with all-involving happenings, with a competition in partnership with Mediaset (where winners will produce the theme song of a television cartoon), and most of all with the crucial moment of the Festival, Cosplay, where the fans take part to a funny parade in their favorite comics heroes’ clothing and walk the runaway on Music & Comics’ stage.


In addition, the Japan Area , conceived in order to host the more and more beloved Nippon comics, which this year has been turned into the Japan Palace (in the halls of the Real Collegio), where the culture of the Far East will be celebrated with Japanese language courses, courses of writing and traditional handicraft, and with many exhibitions according to the subject.


And also international guests, street writing, a pavilion dedicated to the kids television and another one dedicated to the games and their increasingly global diffusion, from the tables of the fans to the movies and videogames from all over the world.


So…It’s impossible to get bored here!


But in the case it is not enough for you, on November 14th and 15th you will have the chance to go to Milan for the special event called Fumettopoli, the other fantastic international exhibition market which takes place many times a year and that this year is at its 33rd edition.


Here the location is more limited but the programme is as much rich. In the halls of the Ata Hotel Executive (in front of the Garibaldi station) many brand new and historical comics will be shared and sold, but also records, cds, dvds, household and gift items and various other things.


For comics’ lovers or just for all curious people, this will be an Autumn rich of appointments!


For further information about this and other events in Lucca and Milan, please visit our websites http://www.aboutversilia.com/ and http://www.aboutmilan.com/

Science and Comics in Lucca: “E Lucean le stelle” Exhibition

The National Museum of Comics and the local council of Lucca want to pay homage to the year of science and astronomy with the special exhibition “E lucean le stelle… Viaggio per immagini e fumetti dal macrocosmo di Galilei al microcosmo di Einstein” (“And stars sparkle…A travel through images and comics from Galileo‘s macrocosm to Einstein’s microcosm”), an idea by Angelo Nencetti began on last 2nd May, which will continue until 31st December 2009.

The exhibition wants to pay homage to science and its greatest protagonists, such as Galileo, Einstein, Darwin and Newton, by exhibiting tales and comics created by the greatest international artists, as: Salgari, Enrico de’ Conti Novelli da Bertinoro, Jules Verne, Michael W. Kaluta, Fritz Lang, Weird Science, Hugo Pratt, Gradimir Smudja and many others.

On this occasion, Giorgio Gavazzano created a character called

Cartasia Preview: Lucca turns into a “Paper Town”

Paper in all shapes and sizes, will be the undisputed protagonist of the city of Lucca from September 5th to October 3rd 2010, thanks to “Cartasia: the Preview”, the event which introduces the fifth edition of Cartasia, the Biennial of Contemporary Art dedicated to paper, which will take place from June 19th to July 18th 2010, when a real open-air exhibition will be set up in the city of Lucca.


Artists coming from every corner of the world will participate in the Biennial of Contemporary Art 2010, selected through a competition aimed to encourage the planning and the feasibility of works and projects made just of paper. The masters will create paper works and huge installations which will be placed in the most beautiful squares of the city of Lucca and Porcari (a municipality in the province of Lucca). In addition, installations’ areas will host several