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Epiphany 2013 in the Region of Liguria

Dear children, are you ready for hanging your socks waiting for Befana, the old, kind woman who brings sweeties and candies? Or maybe, if you’ve been naughty kids last year, she could bring coal to you, as tradition says…

It is said that on every 6th January, the Befana arrives riding her broomstick and bringing many delicious things to the children (just like Santa Claus!). In Italy, it is an old tradition and this day is celebrated for remembering the arrival of the Three Wise Men to visit Baby Jesus or, for the non-believers, the coming of Befana.

What’s up in Liguria on Epiphany Day? In Liguria visitors can find many events and celebrations in different cities, concerts, bonfires, exhibitions and street markets, but also many “Befana Parties” or even many Miss modern Befana Competitions.

Here are some of the major events in Liguria for celebrating Epiphany 2013:

It’s Time for Christmas Markets 2009 in the charming Italy!

Hey folks, the moment has come!

With no doubts people love and hate them, but the season of Christmas markets has come and it will be in all the Italian cities!

Colored lights, stands full of sweets, traditions and handicrafts products, toys and decorations will be placed along the streets and in the most famous (and not) squares in Italy. So, get ready to snoop around, nibbling and why not, to purchase the first Christmas gifts!

From Sicily to Valle d’Aosta, Italy in this period is full of such nice markets which welcome many Italians and foreign visitors, who come here to just take a look at the stalls rich of curious and original things. The list is endless, but we want to remind you the most unique noteworthy ones.

So…how not to mention the very famous Christams markets typical of