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Stramilano 2014, on Sunday March 23rd

Stramilano 2014Piazza Duomo, Piazza Castello and the Civic Arena will be the scenary of the most awaited sports day for young and old people, professionals and amateurs: the Stramilano.
Here are the 3 races in program.

StraMilano 50,000 – Km 10
Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
Cathedral Square will be invaded by runners Stramilano 50,000.
From 7:30 am Milan will be invaded from a colorful “army” and freed from traffick. The Horse Artillery Regiment Voloire will shoot cannon, as a start of the non-competitive race.
Departure 9:00 am – Piazza Duomo
Check- in 13:30 – Arena Civica

Stramilanina – 5 Km
Departure at 9.30 am from Piazza Duomo, with the beautiful t -shirt Stramilano, the bag and the bib. The refreshment at mid-term will be an opportunity to refuel with a snack and then run in the direction of Arena Civica to receive the medal of the event and reconnect with all the other participants.
Departure 9:30 am – Piazza Duomo
Check- in 13:30 – Arena Civica

Stramilano International
Half Marathon – 21.097 km
The route of the half marathon is among the most famous in Italy, known for being fast, consists of long straights and stepless.
Departure at 11.00 from Piazza Castello for the competitive race, with Italian and international champions. It’s an opportunity for all FIDAL and IAAF athletes to compete alongside high level runners. Competition and challenge attract every year more than 6,000 members from around the world.
Departure at 11.00 – Piazza Castello
Check the Civic Arena

More information: http://www.stramilano.it/

Milan: Franco Grignani And His “Optical Mental Alterations”

From January 23 to March 15, it will be possible to visit the exhibition dedicated to Franco Grignani at Gruppo Credito Valtellinese Galley in Milan.

The objective of Manuela Grignani, Leo War and Cristina Quadrio Curzio, curators of the exhibition, is to return to the complexity of the artist.

Born in 1908 in Pieve Porto Morone, he attended architecture in Turin where he is influenced by the second Futurism.

He Began to experiment and create his first works combining theories of perception and psychology of form.

Thanks to the Milan printing Alfieri & Lacroix, he sought new forms of typography and creates optical systems that affected and influenced the European colleagues.

Later he became art director of “Beauty of Italy”, press organ of Dompè, the pharmaceutical company that engaged him in the packaging of products.

He continued his project of urban representation in order to overcome the physiological limits.

These works brought international recognition to the artist as the Palme d’Or for advertising in 1959 and the gold medal to the Triennale in Milan.

A beautiful exhibition curated in every detail and an unmissable opportunity to see the works of the Master Franco Grignani.

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