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Butterflies and Screws in Turin until July, 6th

You still have time until July 6th 2012 for visiting the exhibition dedicated to environment organized by the Regional Museum of Natural Science in Turin.

The exhibition title is “Bulloni e Farfalle – 150 anni di Ambiente” (“Butterflies and Screws – 150 Years of Environment”) and its purpose is to retrace the evolution of nature and technology through the help of photos, panels with descriptions and explications and documentary films.

Such an exhibition wants to tell the innovation and arouse curiosity in visitors about the most significant changes of nature throughout the years.

“Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011”. An exhibition in Turin to remember the Genius

The first exhibition dedicated to the founder of Apple Steve Jobs, ongoing at the Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali (Regional Museum of Natural Science) in Turin, will be held until 15th April 2012.

This exhibition has been extended for being a success with critics and having popular appeal. Devoted to the Californian businessman, inventor and co-founder of Apple Inc, the exhibition boasts of one of the largest collections of

Turin 2010: Holy Shroud Exposition and an Exhibition about the Figure of Jesus

Ten years after the last Exposition on the occasion of the jubilee year, once again the Holy Shroud will be on display from April 10th to May 23rd 2010 at the Cathedral of Turin.

In fact, this year it will be possible to marvel at the Holy Shroud after the intervention it underwent in 2002.

Everybody knows the famous Shroud, the holy linen sheet measuring 442 cm long by 113 cm high plus a 8 cm strip sewed lengthwise; on the tissue there is a faint impression of an image, the frontal and dorsal one of a man who suffered the death of crucifixion.

According to tradition, it could be the sheet quoted in the Gospel which was used to cover and wrap Jesus body in the Sepulchre, but such a hypothesis has been not proved yet by scientific research.

However, this mysterious image for science, represents for believers a great sign showing the Passion of Christ, and it aroused emotions and feelings for the extraordinary figure that contains. Several and deep studies began and still nowadays include a wide range of researcher of any field, such as archaeologists, historians, exegesists, doctors, physicians, chemists, IT experts, etc.

From April 10th, the Holy Shroud will be shown in an itinerary full of

Knights and Templars in a special Exhibition in Turin

Since November 28th 2009, an interesting exhibition dedicated to the legendary knights templar, soldiers and crusaders is under way at the complex of Venaria Reale in Turin.

The exhibition, entitled “Knights. From the Templars to Napoleon” will take place until April 11th 2010, so visitors will have still a few months to retrace the history of such valorous and brave knights who have been portrayed and shown in about 120 works on display: statues, paintings, dresses, wonderful armours, precious jewels and rare manuscripts. A real treasure to marvel at, in all its splendour and majesty.

In fact, the exhibition, organized by the Consorzio di Valorizzazione Culturale La Venaria Reale and hosted by the Reggia, is aimed to tell the several stories of the different knightly orders belonging to different ages, from Middle Ages to Renaissance, who fought in the name of Christ