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“Puccini al cinema”

Giacomo PucciniIn honour of the 150° anniversary of Giacomo Puccini‘s birth, a motion-picture exhibition called “PUCCINI AL CINEMA” was organized, created and developped by the Prof. Pier Marco De Santi, Italian movie-picture history lecturer at the University of Pisa and strongly desired by the Puccinian Festival Foundation.
“Puccini al cinema” is taking place from the 28th of June until the 30th of September at the Auditorium of the New Open-Air Theatre of Torre del Lago Puccini (recently built, dedicated to Lucca’s composer) and it is the first collection of motion-picture operas related to Puccini: more than forty films, some of them from the dumb cinema, included the untold film of Puccini’s funeral.
The review is divided into two parts:

10° Carnevale estivo 2008

Carnevale PucciniAs well as last year the 10th edition of summer carnival in Torre del Lago Puccini is coming soon , with a full calendar of events and entertainments for everyone, from children to adults. The event will take place from the 7th of August until the 17th of August in Piazza della Pace, situated in the center of the versilia‘s city.
The programme is variegated and foresees a lot of different events like Latin American music, a beauty contest of the summer carnival (the winner will be the representative of the national finals), an evening dedicated to our four-legged friends (they will walk the runway for a fund-raising devolved to dogs), a cabaret show and dancing exhibitions.
Everyday from 9pm the kitchens will be open for a typical and local sea food dinner with the chefs “Lorenzo e Laura” who will cook the speciality “Gran Cacciucco” and other characteristic dishes.
It will be set up a fairground

“Carving the work” 2007

Until the 28th of March 2008 the airport Galileo Galilei of Pisa will house a new ediction of “Carving the work”.

festival-puccini.gif“Carving the work” it’s an event of great importance both artistic and cultural. Born in 2001 from the collaboration with the Festival Pucciniano of Torre del Lago, the purpose of this manifestation is to spread the international contemporary art through Giacomo Puccini‘s music.

Every year, in fact, in the huge space of the airport, beautiful sceneries are made up inspired by Puccini’s compositions which serve as background to his music.

These sceneries are realized by great artists of the international scene