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A Night Marathon, Extraordinary Open of Museums and Fireworks: this is how Florence celebrates its Patron

If you’re nearby Florence in these days, on Saturday 22nd June at 9 pm you can’t miss the San Giovanni Night Marathon that will start in Piazza San Giovanni (Cathedral Square) with a 10-km-long route passing through the most beautiful monuments in the town.

It’s one of the oldest races in Italy and nowadays it celebrates its 74th edition, organized on the occasion of Florence’s Patron Saint (June, 24th).

About 1,500 people

The countdown for Florence Marathon 2011 has just begun!

Once again, one of the most beautiful cities in the world gets ready for 28th edition of its marathon, which will take place on 27th November with an itinerary of 42,195 km.

In years, such a great Florence event has become more and more important and popular in Italy and the world, so much that it became the 2nd greatest marathon in Italy and last year it reached a new record of registered participants: 10,200 runners coming from 62 different countries.

Florence Marathon is one of the main road events in Tuscany and one of the first 20 marathons in the world for participants and quality.

The Firenze Marathon Expo comes back this year also: an important benchmark for athletes, audience and firms, where the competition packs and the numbers for taking part in the marathon will be assigned. Here it will be also possible to taste delicious Tuscan products and find vouchers of many agreed restaurants offering a special price, as well as many other activities.

Last but not least, the new itinerary of this edition! This year the start won’t take place in Piazzale Michelangelo as in last editions, but in Lungarno Pecori Giraldi, for making the marathon even more technique and exciting. This modification will give benefits to the athletes, by avoiding the height difference and creating a marathon taking place in plain only.

After the start, the athletes will go toward the beautiful green Cascine park, before crossing the historical centre and going towards the arrival in Santa Croce Square. Start and arrival will be very close, near to the most important monuments and artworks of Florence.

After the marathon, there will be as usual the “Marathon Party”, a party open to all the athletes and their friends. An excellent dinner with Tuscan products and typical Florence dishes, much music, shows and dance.

Children also have the chance to enjoy and run in the city streets! There will be once again the Ginky Family Run: the non-competitive run for the families, 2,5 km long with start and arrival in Piazza Santa Croce. The itinerary will be the following: via Magliabecchi, Corso dei Tintori, via dei Neri, via della Ninna, Piazza Signoria, via Vacchereccia, via Por Santa Maria, Lungarno degli Archibugieri, Piazza del Pesce, Lungarno de’ Medici, Piazza dei Giudici, Lungarno Diaz, Lungarno alle Grazie, Piazza Cavalleggeri, and finally come back in Piazza Santa Croce.

For having more detailed information about Florence, click on this online travel guide to Florence.

Florence pays homage to its Traditions with Fireworks, Historical Parades and Football

Once again, Florence celebrates its Patron Saint’s day on June, 24th: St John. This year, the patron Saint’s day of the cradle of Renaissance will be on Friday and this will be a perfect occasion for spending a curious and romantic week-end in Florence.

As a matter of fact, in Florence, as usual, you’ll find in the city centre historical parades and a series of initiatives involving the whole city, and don’t forget about the final match of the much-beloved Calcio in Costume or Historical Football, an ancient Florentine tradition you can’t miss!

In addition, don’t forget that in the night of 24th June, there will be the wonderful fireworks, on

Firenze Marathon 2009: running between history and art

You should visit the most beautiful Italian cities… with running shoes on! After Venice Marathon, which took place some weeks ago, now it’s time for the Florence Marathon, whreas the Marathon of Milan will “change season” this year, and will be organized in spring.

On Sunday, November 29th, 10,000 athletes are expected at the beginning of the 42 km Florentine race, a sport event whose importance and popularity are exponentially growing year by year.
It is not by chance that noteworthy top-runners participate in the 2009 edition of this competition, included in the calendar of the official international races. For example, the Italian athletes Danilo Goffi and Denis Curzi, seeking for a call for the 2010 European Athletics Championship in Barcelona, for whom this marathon will be a really important showcase to show their skills.

An outstanding stage not only for the qualitative level of the competition, but in particular for the fascinating course and the beautiful locations along which it offers. For example, just think about the starting point: the natural terrace of Piazzale Michelangelo,