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The Traditional Festival of “Sensa” in Venice | May, 11th and 12th 2013

A long-awaited event is coming in the so-called “Serenissima”, the city of Venice: the traditional festivalFesta della Sensa”.

Once again, on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th 2013, such an event will gather visitors from all over the world. Festa della Sensa is so special because citizens and visitors can live again the old history of the maritime Republic of Venice, its intimate relationship with the sea

Historical Parade and Historical Regatta 2011 in Venice

On Sunday September, 4th 2011, the traditional and very ancient Historical Regatta comes back in Venice with the typical Venetian rowing, a unique discipline born in Venice hundreds years ago.

The historical Regatta is celebrated every first Sunday of September and it’s one of the most appreciated events by Venetians since it is the most important moment of the agonistic season of Venetian rowing clubs. It took place for the first time on 10th January 1315 during Giovanni Soranzo’s reign, in order to pay homage

Venice and its traditions: “Festa della Sensa” and the “Bridal of the Sea”

On Sunday 5th June 2011, Venice’ traditional celebration Festa della Sensa will come back in the beautiful lagoon gathering once again thousands visitors who arrive to marvel at the city’s treasures and many events.

Festa della Sensa (or Ascension’s Day) pays homage to the thousand-years-long history of the Serenissima, its relationship with the sea and with the practice of Venetian rowing.

Such a celebration was a festivity organized by the Republic of Venice on the occasion of the Christ Ascension’s day (in Venetian dialect Sensa). It commemorates two important events for the

Feast of “Our Lady of Good Health” in Venice: a Venetian Folkloristic Event

If you’re planning a tourist week-end in Venice, November 21st will be the perfect day for you!

As every year in fact, on this date, the Festa della Madonna della Salute (“Feast of our Lady of Good Health”) is celebrated, an ancient Venetian tradition which dates back even to the middle of the 17th century.

During that period, a terrible plague was raging and quite completely destroying the population of Serenissima. The despair was total. Hence, the city decided to seek the Virgin Mary’s help, solemnly vowing to built the most magnificent temple ever existed if the scourge had ended.

Not even a month after, the plague was over, and Venice respected its promise. The Church of Our Lady of Health was built, designed by the architect Baldassare Longhena,